Monday, July 27, 2009

You Won't Believe It......

I know you guys won't believe this, HOWEVER......we went to the lake this weekend! LOL! I'm SO funny!!!
This is just a random pic of Hunter - but I thought it was cute.
So Cory went Scuba diving and was letting Dylan and Hunter get a taste of what it's like. He showed them how to breathe through the regulator. Then he tied weights on the tank and dropped it to the bottom and let them swim down to it and breathe underwater. It's a little nerve-racking when your child goes underwater and does not re-surface.

I think Dylan liked it a little better than Hunter.
All in all it was another fun lake day. I LOVE summer time!!!!


  1. you went to the lake?! on a weekend?! what's gotten into you?

  2. I can NOT believe you did that. Again!? :)
    I would freak out if my kid went under and didn't come back up. Even knowing what they were doing, it'd make me poop my pants.