Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mommy Worries......

This is a pic of little man after having a NICE ice cream treat about a week ago....notice the chocolate all around the mouth?! So...Sunday night Coby started complaining about his knee hurting. He would NOT stand OR walk on it at all! At first I took it as a game, there was no cuts, no blood, no bruising, no bug bites...NOTHING that I could SEE!
Well, it continued through the night and into Monday morning. I took him to his pediatrician Monday morning, because I knew something must be really wrong if he wouldn't even WALK!
The pediatrcian took x-rays and did blood work. Of course we won't get the results back until today! However, at this point she is GUESSING it possibly could be arthritis! Yes...arthritis in a 4 year old!!! It broke my heart! (Almost my back too- it is NOT easy carrying around a 42 pound 4 year old.)
So today - pawpaw volunteered to come over and hang out with Coby. Pawpaw called a few minutes ago - and guess what?! Coby was up walking around! YEA!!! I was SO happy to hear it - just worry he may "over do it!"
And still waiting waiting waiting on the dr office to call back and let us know what the blood work says. I can't help but wonder if this is something that will happen again and again, or if this was just a one time thing!?
One more thing for mommy to worry about.....these kids have NO clue how many gray hairs they have given me!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Day of School for the 2 older boys!

This is my goofy 16 year old - yes he is a sophmore this year! And yes....he DOES have a batman backpack! This is NOT Coby's! It is the backpack that Dylan picked out for school! God love him! I told Dylan to pose so I could take his picture - and this is what I get.......really?
This is my little Hunter! Going into the 7th grade this year! :( I can NOT get over how fast they are growing up!
Let me give you a little background....Dylan and Hunter are NOT close! They usually can't stand being this close to each other! No, really! (Until it comes to a time when THEY know to protect each other!) But they were BOTH in goofy moods this morning - and this is the picture I was able to get of them standing together! Guess i can't complain, at least they are together, huh?
After Dylan drove us to school (cuz he has his permit now, ya know) he got out and I switched sides! Drove over to where he and his friends were hanging out and told them to smile! (I think I actually embarrased him at this point.)
Then I drove out of the school parking lot, realizing......what a huge milestone this is! Hunter will only have one more year of middle school! And this is PROBABLY the last year that Dylan will let me take him to school on the first day! :( That's when the tears started...........why oh why does the time have to go so fast?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Reflecting On Coby's pre-k

Still looking and staring and admiring Coby's pics from his first day of pre-k last week! Maybe because some kiddo's are just starting this week, and the 2 older boys will be starting tomorrow, as well. (Will have new pics of that uploaded on here tomorrow-that is....when I finish crying!)
This is another picture of Coby and his little girlfriend Payton....
Coby and Payton patiently waiting in the hallway to head to their new classroom.I love this picture. Abby was SO excited to show Coby what all she had in her backpack.

Our little cheeser!!!!
See his new backpack for school? He LOVES this thing!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

We Survived Our Day Of Pre-K!

This is Coby at home yesterday before we left the house! And yes his shirt DOES say "I quit daycare - so I could do more Hunting!" Coby with Mommy and Daddy waiting to go in Pre-K!
Coby and Payton.....
And this is how HAPPY Coby was when I picked him up from school!
And this is what a day of pre-k does to a little boy! (Hence....no nap time anymore!) Notice: he is even laying ON TOP of one of his stuffed animals! Now that.....is TIRED!
So yes....we survived Coby's first day of pre-k! I'm NOT going to tell you that I didn't cry! Because I bawled like a big fat baby!!! I don't know WHY I have to be such a big sap! But....Coby is the "baby!" My last one! And he is growing up WAY too fast!
I did REALLY good! (AT FIRST!) We took him to lunch, then took him to school, and we even got to stand in the hallway with them for awhile. But when he put that big-boy-backpack on and started walking away with the other students and his teacher - it just HIT me like a TON of bricks!! Another mielstone for my baby!
On the drive home, in our converstaion about our first day of school he said " I know you don't want me to grow up, mommy. I'm sorry! But I REALLY want to go hunt!" He IS his father's child!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some People Know The Real Me!

When I got to Coby's daycare this morning, one of the teachers IMMEDIATELY told me that the director wanted to see me. I'm thinking...ok.....what the heck did Coby do!? LOL!
I found her, and this is what she handed me! A pack of kleenex tissues. You see, tomorrow is Coby's first day of pre-k! She knows that this momma, is a BIG SAP and that I will be bawling my eyes out because my youngest baby is going to school!
(See I'm already about to cry just writing this post, THINKING about it!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Weekend With the Kiddos!

Saturday/Sunday was a GREAT lake weekend for us...Lot's of fun! This was my first time EVER to ride the tube! But Coby wanted to ride, so....how do I tell him no, because Driving the boat scared the HECK out of me! LOL! Dylan's first time to wakeboard! He did really good, until he did a backflip (not purposely) ON the wakeboard and REALLY hurt his back! He was BARELY able to get back in the boat! But guess what......he was ready to ride it again on Sunday!
Logan (our friend who stayed the weekend with us) is now a PRO at wakeboarding! He's been doing it for like 2 whole weeks! This is him posing for me!

This was Coby pouting, because I told him we needed to take a break from swimming...yeah, he was NOT happy with me!
Coby playing around on the tube!
Daddy and Coby riding the tube, as I drove the boat! My first time EVER to drive the boat - I was scared too death!!!
Hunter and Logan riding the tube! They were CRACKING us up....I wish I could've gotten video of it!
So....Coby could NOT pee IN the lake! Nice, huh? We had to stand him on the back of the boat so he could go potty! CRACK ME UP!!!
Dylan giving wakeboarding yet ANOTHER try........

Friday, August 6, 2010


So....this is my newest, latest and greatest present!! I LUURRVVVEEEE it with all my heart! :) Brandy from youdontknow MADE this for me!
And do you know what the best part about it is?!! It has CAMO on it!! Not just camo, but mossy oak camo! Oh yeah, baby! I LOVE me some camo fish!!!!
Thank you SOOO much Brandy, I am IN LOVE with it!!!

A few quick shots of Coby

Sorry for the photo quality, but Coby put this hat on this morning and I just HAD to take a few pics! Innocent looking, huh? NOT SO MUCH!!!
Can you see his eyes under there? LOL!