Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts....

*Can ANYONE tell me WHY I get excited about random Tuesday?
*OMG! I have so much going through my head! LOL!
*Cory and I went out ALONE Satuday night! The first time in MONTHS!!! I mean, it has been FOREVER!!! We had a blast!! We laughed! We danced! We cracked each other up!!! And we didn't get home until around 2:30am! PARTY ANIMALS, yes we were!
*Dylan is back from scout camp. With tiger stripes. The child does not believe in putting sunblock on! Where the side straps were to his life jacket, he is now red and white striped! LOL! Everyone kept calling him tiger stripes!
*Hunter came back home from his grandparents Sunday afternoon. He went in and went CRAZY cleaning his room. Then he went outside and volunteered to mow! I do not know WHAT got into him? Where is my child? And what did you do to him? LOL!
*As in my previous post.....Coby had his first Sea-Doo experience this weekend. AND loved it! My little daredevil!
*Still waiting on my belated birthday cake from my mom.....maybe she's trying to tell me I'm too old for birthday's? SURELY NOT!
*Looking forward to a fun-filled 4th of July weekend. Cory and I are considering taking my dad "night fishing" one night! That would be fun and I think my dad would LOVE it!
*Only 10 days until we go on vacation. I'm SO excited! I think I'm even more excited than the kids!

Monday, June 29, 2009

More Lake Activities......

The older 2 boys were gone this weekend. The oldest on his boy scout campout and the midle one spent the weekend with his grandparents.

So we took Coby to the lake. He got his first ever Sea-Doo ride! He absolutely LOVED it!!! It made momma a nervous wreck, but oh well, I guess that's part of it! Cory said when they were going through the water Coby would holler "whhhoooohhhoooo!" Coby thought that it was just GRAND being able to jump the waves. Isn't he too young to enjoy this type of stuff? It really worries me! He is 95% his daddy and only 5% me!

At Fort Gibson lake they were also having the youth world championship bowfishing tournament. We registered Coby in that. He got to shoot a bow at SEVERAL 3D targets. He did pretty good, actually. Can't wait to see what Coby's "results" were.

Then they had a fish fry. YUM!!! The fish was DELICIOUS!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Girlie lunch today......

So, today we all met and had a "girlie lunch." I called it my "belated birthday girlie lunch, " but no one else did. so oh well! We had lot's of fun! Made jokes about all sorts of people, like our boss. Talked about Brandy's TRULY CRAZY NANA! And not ONE time did we say ANYTHING RUDE OR NEGATIVE ABOUT ANYONE!!! WE DO NOT MAKE FUN OF WAITRESS' WITH PINK HAIR AND PEACOCK FEATHERS or ANYTHING LIKE THAT!
We just had had good ole' giggly time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (with a few words)

This past Saturday at the lake was GREAT!!! And yes, that is daddy back there swimming with the ducky!
I really like this picture of Dylan. He looks so grown up! AND HAPPY!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yet Another Random Tuesday

Here we go.....

*It seems like I've only been posting on Tuesdays anymore. I will try to change that.

*Made it through ONE more birthday! It was GREAT! Lot's of love to everyone who celebrated it with me! And thanks for all the awesome presents!

*Father's day was great! I am so thankful that Cory is such a great father and role model.He is so patient and you never see his "angry" side.

*Looking forward to another lake weekend, this weekend. Only with the 100 degree temps? Really? Must we go THAT far? LOL

*Dylan leaves for yet another camp out this week. This will be a really fun one though, canoeing through Missouri.

*Hunter seems to like spending his summer days with the grandparents.

*Only 2 more birthdays to make it through within the next 2 weeks. UGH!

*OH! I still get a belated birthday cake later this week! YEA! We had too much food, etc. going on Sunday with Father's day, so mom said it will be a late cake! LOL! Can't wait!

*It is HOT outside here! And i DO mean HOT!!!!

*Only 3 weeks until summer vacation! YEA!!! Sea World here we come..............

Friday, June 19, 2009

Conversations with a 3 year old..

Yesterday I explained to our sweet-innocent 3 year old that this weekend it will be Father's day, this is somewhat how the conversation went:

Me :Coby, this weekend is Father's Day. We need to buy daddy a present. What do you think we should get him?

Coby: What is Fadder's Day?

Me: It's when we tell our daddy's how much we love them and get something special for them.

Coby: Ohhhhh

Me: So what present do you think we should get daddy?

(Coby still REALLY thinking this out.)


Me: (lauhing)Yes, I think we could get a cake for daddy.

Coby: YEA!YEA! YEA! I like Fadder's DAY!!!!

I left the conversation at this, and picked out the present on my own! :) LOL!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here we go again...


Since I was a bad mom and didn't take pics this weekend - we have to do a random post. LOL!

*Father's Day is just DAYS away! I would like to know what to get Cory this year....Not to mention his birthday will be 2 weeks AFTER Father's Day. I would LOVE to hear what you all are getting for the "special" dads in your lives....

*My oldest is gone this week to church camp. It's funny how they can get on your nerves, yet the day they leave (even for camp) you miss them like crazy!

*The middle son's actual birthday is tomorrow! I'm such a sucker for my kids on their birthdays! Even though they receive presents at their parties, i ALWAYS have to give them at least one or two gifts on their actual birthday.

*Went and picked up a few groceries yesterday. OH MY GOODNESS i found Jalapeno and cheddar tortilla's! YUM! I can't wait to try them.

*Our neighbors (who have a garden) brought us over fresh cabbage last night. So now I'm looking for something creative to do with cabbage. Espeically since I am the only one in the household who will eat it!

*I ordered MY dad a tie with the 3 boys picture ALL over it, for Father's Day. I can not wait to see how it turns out.

*We are going to the lake on Saturday. I can NOT wait! We've only been a couple times this summer, mainly due to our busy schedules and all the rain. But Saturday is looking like NO rain and mid 90's! PERFECT!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We have TOO many birthday's in the month of June! This is Coby, tired of waiting on mommy to cut him a piece of Hunter's cake, so he decided to just put his mouth ON the cake and take a bite! Really? He did not do this once, but SEVERAL times!

Dylan and my mom, with her MAKING him smile. How do you like the cake? Dylan wanted old trucks on his cake.
My mom has made my kids birthday cakes since their first birthday! And they aren't just pretty-they are DELICIOUS!!! Right, Brandy?
This is my mom, with Hunter. He wanted a Harley Davidson birthday cake. So this is his!
Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate their birthday's with us!
Today, I am officially the mother of a 15 year old! Is that even possible? I am NOT that old!!! Right?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Guess We are Playing A Blogging Game...

So Brandy is so awesome and totally cool. I'm blessed that she's my friend. (Ok, so when you get done throwing up...) Brandy tagged me for this FUN blogging stuff...YEA ME! (NOT!) I've never been tagged or tagged anyone in my LIFE - i have NO CLUE what I'm doing. But, I DO get an "a" for effort, ok?

This is what you have to do.....

1) Go to your photo files

2) Pick the sixth folder (open)

3) Pick the 6th photo

4) Write a story about the photo

5) Tag six people

So here is my 6th picture, is my 6th file................. This is my picture! This is my silly tween being himself! Playing goofy this past Mother's Day - we had a lot of fun! I have VERY few pictures with him smiling (he hates getting his picture taken) so this is a RARE photo!

Tag - you are it, my fine blogging friends..........




4- Wise (*Young*)Mommy


6-Alex the Girl

Wordfull Wednesday

For my non-outdoorsie friends..........This is what sandbass look like at home in your sink, after you are done swimming with them in the lake. 23 fish I caught that day! GO ME! Well, I guess Cory and the boys caught a few of them too, but I'm taking all the credit!
This is our baby, Sadie. She is so spoiled. And likes EVERYONE in the house, better than me. She has NO clue that I am the one who buys all of her food and toys, huh?

A LOT of explaining to do with this! It is one of those love/hate relationships. No, not "hate" more of "love to give each other a hard time relationship." Riann and Cory don't know HOW to play nice with each other! But we have a lot of fun with it. So on our last "scrapping" day, while Cory was gone. Riann and I made this sign and put RIGHT where Cory parks. We laughed and laughed about it for DAYS! Cory didn't think it was HALF as funny as we thought it was! But I don't care what he says Riann and I KNOW we are HILARIOUS and he is just jealous because he can't be as cool as us! LOL!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Tuesday with PICTURES!

The 2 older boys asleep in the cabin of the boat! The lake WORE them out!!
Yes, even the little one found somewhere to shut his eyes and catch a few Z's! It was FINE by me - Momma, had fishing to do!

1st lake trip of the summer! Coby had SO much fun "swimming" in the lake. Even as cold as it was he did NOT want to get out.

The is my lovely, 14 (almost 15) year old son, who decided to play with a hand saw last week! He now has 21 stitches in his pinky. His comment is "the girls at church camp will feel sorry for me now." Really? How did he learn this at only 14 years old? What have I taught my children! UGH!

*AND one last random without pictures.....I made my homemade laundry soap last night! Thanks to Cara and www.thebearandroo.com ! Next project will be making homemade dryer sheets.