Monday, July 26, 2010

My little Snorkel'r!

We went to Arkansas this past weekend and took Coby to Beaver lake. If you haven't been - you really should go. The water is so blue and so clear!
And here is the little snorkel'r!This picture CRACKS me up!
Coby LOVED going under and checking out the fish!

And when he saw one....this is what we got. "one"finger coming up out of the water! Occasionally - we would get "two" fingers!
This is Coby's emotions about snorkerling! He can't WAIT to grow up and go scuba diving, like daddy!

Tada! One last pic!

Tada!! One last pic - to show you how well the table blends in! You can't even SEE it can you?! HAHAH!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

My latest mossy-oak project!

So I bought these end tables/night stands off of craigslist LAST FALL! I had a project in mind...... I sanded the first one down, then stained it. (Not so pretty yet!)
Got the clear-coat put on it!
And the best part......Add the mossy oak'ification! :) LOVE ME SOME MOSSY OAK!!! This will go PERFECT in our bedroom! I'm so excited!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coby pics

I recently went and had Coby's 4 year old pics taken! Yes....I realize he turned 4 in February, so I'm a little late! BE NICE!!!!
We tried out a new photographer! I LOVE HER!!!!! I hope you enjoy these pics!
Tried to get one of Coby giving me a kiss - he was too fast though!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mushy Momma Moment

Dylan (my oldest) is gone on his 4th camp for THIS summer! Yes, he has hardly been home AT ALL! And guess what?!?! I'm starting to miss the little turd! So as I was flipping through pics - I found a couple of him from his 16th birthday last month! Look how sunburned he is! And I love that he is sharing his guitar with Coby.

This is Dylan OPENING his birthday present! And as you can see.....Coby was LOVING having Dylan's box! He kept calling it his space ship and was a little upset when we finally had to throw it away!
Thank you for sharing this "mushy momma moment" with me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few pics of from our 4th of July

We were invited to our friends' house (Brent and Becky) for a little swimming, a little eating, and a BIG fireworks show this 4th of July! Coby had a blast playing in the pool with Logan (or Wogan, as Coby calls him!)
And Coby enjoyed splashing water on Becky!
The girls relaxing.........
We had a great time!


So.....................the winner for the Pillsbury chocolate chunk STEPHANIE!!! Yea, Stephanie!!! You should really go visit her! She is a sweet heart!
Stephanie said She would use these to feed some very hungry soldiers (including her husband.) Sounds like they will be put to good use!!!!
Thanks for all your comments! Stephanie - please send me you mailing address and MyBlogSpark will get your package delivered to you very soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Back To The Real World.....

This is Coby taking a picture of me! Good job, huh? LOL!Coby's feelings on heading back to daycare today..............

My feelings on heading back to work today..............