Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter/Fishing Recap

This is what the Easter bunny brought Coby. Excuse the "still sleepy eyes" and the spiderman underwear!
All the Easter eggs that Coby colored. And he's trying to give himself "bunny ear." Daddy and Coby drew on this Easter egg. Yes bow-n-arrow. The other side is a deer head. Imagine that!

Good Friday - we took advantage of having the day off work and made a day-trip to Flippin, Arkansas to go trout fishing! We had a LOT of luck!!! It was a great fishing trip! Here's Coby looking all handsome in his fishing hat.

And playing with his worm! HA!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Too Cute!

I KNOW I should be doing my "easter" post today. But I just can't get over these pictures! Yesterday (since we had SO much rain) I had to keep Summer(my neice) and Coby locked up in the bedroom while everyone else hid Eater eggs in the living room, for them! These 2 were HAMMING it up!!!How cute are they?
Summer kept telling me "take 2 more pictures!" HA!

Aww man...a little blurry! Oh well, still cute!

I'm not sure WHAT Coby was doing - but OBVIOUSLY CRACKING Summer up!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy Scouts - Court of Honor

Last night was Dylan's court of honor. He is ALMOST 17 and has been in boy scouts since he was 11! I LOVE that he still enjoys it. He got a rank advancement to STAR scout last night... Only one more advancement, then he can start working on his Eagle Scout. This is a BIG deal to me! I REALLY hope he takes it all the way. I think it would be a great accomplishment, that would make him very proud of himself! 3 of them were advanced to star scout last night - after their lit their candle (ritual) they all turned around held up their candles and said "FOR NARNIA!" HA! Really!?!?! At least they are having fun, right?!This is after the ceremony - Dylan with my parents!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fishin' Stories

Coby got to go fishing in grandma & grandpa's pond this past weekend. (First time this season.) This is the FIRST fish that Coby caught that day....HUGE catfish - Grandpa had to pull it out of the water after Coby & daddy got it close to the bank. Coby HOLDING a fish (this is the first one he has actually held.) He loves to TOUCH them after he catches them, but not hold them by himself. YEA!
It's obviously hard work fishin'! You gotta take off your shirt and cool down!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Re-Cap from Kenny Chesney

Cory & I outside before the concert! (Gosh, I'm looking OLD!) UGH!Becky, Cory and I. (And of course Becky's hubby giving us bunny ears!) Kenny on the stage rocking the house! If you look CLOSELY there is a microphone stand behind him, and sort of in front of the drums...yeah, it has bra's hanging on it! HA!
More Kenny....what a GREAT show!!! Cory was even impressed and THAT is saying A LOT!

And after Kenny - we met up with a few friends for dancing.....AWESOME!!!!

My hair was SOAKED! I had straightened it at home. Not so much by the time this pic was taken! I had a GREAT night....can't wait to do it again!