Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Why can't they stay this size ? And this innocent?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Before and After of the oldest....

Ok - so we all know....I see things differently than a lot of people....And I KNOW this is really weird, we are sitting at Dylan's orthodontist appt - I notice he doesn't have the hands of a little boy anymore! He has "man hands!" And let me tell you - He FOUGHT me on taking a picture of his hands....I took this one, without him noticing! So now....this is the BEFORE picture - in the car..........(with braces!)
And the AFTER picture. We stopped by to say hello to my mom - so she could see Dylan without braces. He just happened to have on his ROTC uniform today. You could tell she was EXTREMELY proud of him too!

Why do they always have to grow up so fast? This is so doesn't seem that long ago - that I was rocking this baby boy to sleep! Now I couldn't PICK HIM UP if I wanted too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes, yes, I admit! I AM a loser!
The first thing you have to do is admit it, right? Well....I admit! I was SO tired this morning I could NOT get up and shred with Jillian! Therefore, I overslept (a little bit.) Then since, I over slept - I was running late....which didn't leave me time to make my breakfast or my lunch to bring to work with me! So what did I do? I stopped at Sonic and got a bacon egg and cheese toaster! Yeah!! That will REALLY help me, huh?

I'm sorry to disappoint each one of you...........But your bloggy friend is a LOSER!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

First of all-please don't look at my messy kitchen! But if you will notice the short kid...that is my 3-year old ON THE PHONE! Yep....he's almost got it figured out...he loves calling and talking to MawMaw and PawPaw!
And I LOVE sleeping pictures! My little dear with his little deer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lot's Of Pictures-Scrappin' Day

I have a TON of pictures to share with you all! Since I was off work yesterday - Riann and I decided we needed a scrapping day!
I love this page (I copied it!) It says "I miss the Baby you were-I LOVE the BOY you are!" Pictures of Keith Urban concert that Riann and I went to...

Coby's 1st Christmas Program

Coby's letter from Santa

Coby's certificate from Santa

Pumpkin patch trip....
And you (or WE) can not scrap without food........

We TRIED to be healthy!See all the veggies.....and low fat dips?
And this is Riann's scrap-area! She is MESSY!! LOL!

This is the dining room table with ALL of our stuff! (Notice I didn't take a picture of MY scrap-area!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pics & Shredding

I said "pics and shredding" NOT pics OF ME shredding! LOL! :)
I just thought I would post a couple pics...this is my favorite "decorated" area of my bedroom! I just love it! Notice I even have mossy oak ribbon around the candles? LOVE mossy oak!!! I found this deer vinyl on etsy and fell IN LOVE with it, and it just seemed to really make this area come to life!

So....for today's shredding update! I HURT !!! OMG!!! I hurt!!!! So, Monday-day 1 my whole entire body felt like Jello! Like I was afraid to walk, worried my legs would just give out and I would fall down! Tuesday - day 2...the BURN set in!! Wow! I could tell that I had really been doing something! Limping around at work like someone kicked me! (nope, I'm just a crazy freak trying to start exercising!) Wednesday-day 3.......Jillian can BITE ME!!!! Got up at 5am with my calves THROBBING!!! But determined I was going to do it anyway! I made it 1/2 way through shredding, and told myself "self....that is all the misery you are going to put me through today!" So I turned Jillian off! Good thing she wasn't there physically she probably would've told me what a fat lazy cow I am and I can't give up, yadayada! Well, guess what Jillian? I have a remote and I can TURN YOU OFF WHEN I WANT!!!! :)
Have a great Wednesday everyone! :) Happy Shredding!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday.........

No....really.........I can BARELY move today!!!!!! Day 2 of "shredding" with Jillian Michaels!!! The woman wants me dead - I'm convinced! My calves BURN today, the rest of my body is just like "forget it - we don't want to help you move anymore!"
And I've decided that Jillian is a jumping-jack-junkie! She LOVES to see me torture my own body!!! Next item of discussion - you've heard the old saying before "parents of teenagers completely understand why some animals eat their young!" I can relate to this one today!!! I am NOT enjoying the teenage years, thus far....

And last, but not I'm driving home for work yesterday I get a text from Cory "do you know who ate the last donut and left the box sitting on the counter?"" Well...hang second....let me get my mental telapathy working just right and I'm sure I will be able to tell you!" HECK NO I DON'T KNOW WHO LEFT THE EMPTY DONUT BOX ON THE COUNTER!!! Their are 2 older boys in the home though....I'm sure it HAD to have been one of them, because I can't make objects appear/and disappear from a distance! prayer for this week......we've all heard before "God grant me patience - but PLEASE hurry!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone please just SHOOT me now!!!! me, right? I decided to get up at 5am this morning and start the 30 day shred with Jillian!
I just wanted to DIE!!! Right there in the middle of it! I just wanted someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery!
Here it is 5 hours legs STILl feel like jello and my arms are just mush! Pure 100% mush!!!
This is not me - however....this is EXACTLY how I felt! Oh my goodness!!!! all of you strong, brave souls out there, who are already shredding....GOD BLESS YOU!!! I'm going to DIE before 30 days are up!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A few random pictures

On New Year's Eve my parents came over and brought Summer to play with Coby! Summer is my neice. And her ad Coby play SO good together. They decided to make a "bed" in the living room floor! Adjusting the blankets, and making everything JUST right! LOL!
Ok and now.....for my "problem area" at home! This drives me crazy! When you walk in our back door, you are in the laundry room, then you walk in the kitchen and this is where EVERYONE lays everything down!

And here...this one drives me insane THE MOST!!! Cory and I both have separate "baskets" that we put some of our papers/mail/things that we need to keep. Then everything else just gets PILED up here! I've laid things over here that need to go out to the shop (they've been there for MONTHS!) Christmas popcorn....empty wallflowers, Coby's art work from daycare, my purse! I have GOT to find a better organizational tool for this area! That is my job this weekend! To get these things CLEANED up to where they will STAY clean!
Please tell me I am NOT the only one with a "problem area" somewhere in the house!!!! My living room does not look like this! My bedroom does not look like this!
So....wish me luck this weekend - in my organizational efforts! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm behind! I'm behind!

It's Random Tuesday - so how about a few "random"Christmas pictures! Coby had this smile after opening EVERY present - he was very happy! Oh my goodness! This is my FAVORITE thing that Cory got me. It's "Love Rocks" perfume and lotion from Victoria Secret's! And you MUST understand - that is a HUGE thing #1 for Cory going to the mall and #2 for him going to Victorias Secrets! I think he has been to the mall TWICE in the past 7 years! So, make that 3 times now! And this smells WONDERFUL!

This is Coby at my parent's house! He was SUPER excited about his deer hunting game! :) Go figure!

This is Dylan at my parent's house. They got him a leather "air force" jacket. It is so cool! They did great!

This is Hunter! With his new cell phone. My parents got him a prepaid cell phone to give him a "try" at being responsible with one.....time will tell!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I'm slowly but surely trying to get caught up on all of my blogging!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year-New Person-More Blogging

Ok, so I haven't blogged in what? Um... 10 days now! I know I'm horrible!!!
I have lot's of posting, blogging, and reading blogs to catch up on. It has been CRAZY for me. Although I've been able to be off work and enjoy time with my family...first we had the wonderful Oklahoma blizzard, then celebrating Christmas with the families late....then New Years REALLY snuk up on us. And has all come and gone! WOW!
January 1, 2010 - that just SOUNDS funny!
I've been in STRESSFUL mom mode today. What a way to start your new year, huh? Teenagers will stress you....even the best of them! So my new year WHATEVER it takes...WHATEVER I have to make sure my kids have everything they need to make it AND succeed in this world!
And my next New Years hug and kiss my family more!
Have a great 2010!!!!