Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Give-a-way

So this is my FIRST Give-a-way....and I have debated and debated about how I should do this.....
This is what I've came up with......
The give-a-way drawing will be October 15th!
All you have to do to is enter a comment on this post....I want to hear you funniest fall or Thanskgiving story!
The Give-a-way includes: all fall themed goodies. Including a fall kitchen hand towel -bath&body pumpkin soap - a leaf grocery list paid - AMISH jam (fall flavor) - festive fall hanging signs and more....

Wordful Wednesday

It's a good thing that this isn't my "job" because I would get FIRED this week! we were driving Sunday - I was going to be an Amish Stalking picture taker.....this is ALL I got!!! THAT is IT! ZILCH! Well, it's PART of an Amish that good enough for today? LOL!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

This is Coby with a walnut(I think.) That fell off the tree at the track where we went riding this weekend. Those things are HUGE! And his shirt says "When I get bigger Daddy is going to buy me my own dirt bike-then I'm going to show him how it's done." LOL! I'm sooo funny, huh?
Coby and daddy chilling out on the bike! If you look close enough you can see Coby even has his chest protector on. You can NEVER be too safe, right?

Daddy riding Coby on the track! Even though there were NO OTHER bikes on the track....this still makes me a nervous wreck!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

It's my's me and Hunter! And Hunter is SMILING!! I don't know if I have ANY pictures of Hunter and I TOGETHER with him smiling!!! I was COOL-MOM last night!!!

So Riann and I took our boys to the WWE Smackdown event at the BOK Arena last night!

You think they would rooting for BATISTA?!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Look What I Did!

Above is a picture of a mirror I bought on Craigslist last week... It is 30 x 30. I liked it a lot - I liked the size of it, etc. But I needed to add my own touch to it........
TADA!!!! Yep - I mossy oak'd that baby up!!! I'm so excited! I'm going to hang it above our bed! I can't decide it I should maybe find a couple little shelves to put on each side of it? (maybe just big enough to stick a candle on?) Or If I should cut out some vinyl lettering to put above it. And if that's the case- What would I say?
Please.....give me some inspiritation....

A Little Amish Stalking this Weekend....

Yes, I was an Amish stalker this weekend. And took pics out of my car window...If you will look REALLY close at this first pic, you can see a horse and buggy coming down the drive...
This is an Amish house down the road from me.

Another Amish farm.....

This is one of the Amish bakery's I stopped at. The door on your right is the actual "kitchen" where they bake everything. The door on your left, is the "store" where they sell the baked goods. Their house is beside this.(I didn't get a pic of it.) It is so cool! I had such a blast! Everything in their bakery store was SO reasonably priced!

This is the Amish Cheese House in Choteau, OK. It was great - they had all sorts of baked good, canned items, TONS of different canned items! Homemade soaps - homemade noodles, every kind of cheese imaginable!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I haven't been a blog-poster in a couple days, so I figured I better get on the ball before all my blogging friends leave me!
Work and home-life have been EXTREMELY busy! And I have this weird phobia - I don't like posting without pics!
But I promise to have pics posted in a couple days!
Now for your surprise......
I'm going to have a fall give-a-way! I've been shopping for this and I am OVERLY excited! I will post pics on that soon - as well!
So - give me a couple days and you will all get to see the awesome fall "goodies" to help get you in the fall spirit!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Did a Little "add-to's" at the homestead...

This is our master bathroom window before......
And this is out master bathroom window AFTER!!! I broke out the sewing machine - that i HATE using and made my own valance! I'm happy with it....

Then, I felt a little "frisky" so I broke out the Modge-Podge! And made another picture frame! Added a little "fall flavor" to it this time! You like it?

Then I headed to the living room.! Plain boring fireplace mantel! (And yes, I've begged for this deer skull to go out on the shop-but my wish has not been granted thus far.)
So - i felt a little on the "wild side" and as i saw on another blog earlier last week, I added some pumpkins and fall flowers to give it all some color!
I'm happy with the results!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Funny......

So, on our drive to daycare today, just Coby and I, doing our morning chit-chat.
I got real excited and said "Guess what Coby? It's Friday! YEA! Do you know what that means?!?!" Coby became EXTREMELY excited and in his sweet little boy voice said "IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR DEER SEASON - HOORAY!" (While throwing his arms up in the air!)
All I can say is........his daddy has DEFINIETLY been talking to him.......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Someone

I love this new thing "Dear Someone." Click on over with Family of Shorts and play along.

Dear Little Man (Coby) -
why do you keep growing up so fast? How is it that I blink my eyes and you are bigger and growing more every day? Just this past weekend you taught me your song " 5 little monkeys swinging from a tree." How is it you are old enough to be teaching your mommy things? I watched you walk down the hallway last night to get your pajamas to put on? I wanted to get them for you! I've always got them for you! That's something you are still suppose to need your mommy for.
I watched you this past weekend shooting your bow. You are only 3
I wish you were still small enough for me to rock you to sleep at night.
Time is flying by for us and it really bothers me! You are the baby of the family and I want you to stay a baby longer!
I know I'm going to blink my eyes and you will be a teenager.
So, please please if you would stay little, for just a little bit longer! Let me know that you NEED me and you couldn't survive in this world without me!

Love always -
Your sad sad mommy!

Craigslist Find of the Day

So - Brandy and I had JUST been looking at the website where you buy these vinyls for your home. The VERY next day - I found our favorite one on craigslist for $5! I called the lady immediately and met her to get it.
I put it up in Coby's bedroom last night! I think it is cute!
Let me know what you think.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So- on our 3-day weekend, I got some scrapbooking done! YEA ME!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hunting Season is right around the corner.....

Check this out.....little man, has learned to pull his bow back ALL THE WAY! The first time daddy showed him how to pull it back all the way- the arrow went VERY FAR! Coby was HOOKED after that!
Yes, daddy has a target set up for him! He's 3 now - time to get serious with this.....

And look...he's doing it all by himself! :) He is so proud that he knows how to shoot his bow now.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Please Forgive Me!

I am so so mad at myself!
So - Yesterday Cory, Coby and I were leaving to go riding. 1 mile down the road I tell Cory "shoot! I forgot my camera." (Which is NOT like me!) And OF COURSE we are going to drive down Amish lane, and I thought what a perfect day it would have been to take pics of the Amish farms and post them on here, for all my blogging friends to see.
Yada Yada the day goes on, and we are driving home....
One Amish home had all their windows open! IT IS 87 degrees here! Which I KNOW isn't HOT-HOT, but's HOT! Right?
Then....we drive up behind an Amish couple walking down the road? Did I have my camera? NO!
Drive a little farther.....and drive by an Amish buggy sitting in another Amish's "driveway" (if you can call it that) and looks as if they are delivering food to that home. Only the woman got out of the buggy, carrying a couple containers. Do I have my camera? NO!!!
So, we drive a litte bit farther and come right up behind a horse and buggy going down the road. So I grab Cory's cell phone to use the camera on it. And we get beside them to pass them (slowly of course, so we don't scare their horse.) And i got scared! I was scared they were going to see me taking their picture and get mad! So by the time I clicked - I got a picture of Cory's door panel on the truck! REALLY!?!?!?
I could have had SO many great Amish pictures for my blogging friends - but I don't! :( What a sad sad day! I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Someone

Join me in the Dear Someone...... This is my first time playing - so I'm a little excited!
Dear Swine Flu -
why must you make your way into America? Furthermore why must you make your way into Oklahoma? Even furthermore, why must you make your way into MY HOME!? Yes, my 2 oldest children have been infected with your bacteria now! Well, let me say....they have tested positive for Flu Type A - -and from what I'm being told by healthcare professionals now is that they DO have H1N1. How can you look so innocent and still give us all your germs? If you want to roll around in the mud all day and eat nasty disgusting things, then go right ahead, but PLEASE little piggy leave us alone!!!
Signed - aggravated mom!
Dear Teenage children-
Why do you insist in your bedroom being a mess? When I, your mother, can keep the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bath, hall bath, and my own bedroom clean. Dust free, vaccummed, everything in it's place. And I always give you clean laundered clothes to wear. You have one divided off section to call your own and it looks like a tornado came through there? What is it about not putting clothes in the dirty laundry hamper? What is it about having wrappers of all sorts all over your bedroom? What is it about digging everything out and just throwing it somewhere, rather than putting it back where it belongs? And you wonder why your mother seems so stressed?
Well just remember one thing dear teenage children........IF MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY!!!!
Love always - MOM!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really Random Tuesday With Pics

Modge Podge Mania! So....This is my creation! I LOVE camo and I love modge podge! Modge Podge Maina Go join in on the fun and show everyone your creations!

So this is a close up of the valance I just hung in our living room this weekend. I had to do a close-up so you can see the deer!

And this is a little bit farther back pic. I like it - need to get rid of the horsehoe lamp and add a deer antler lamp, huh?

And last but not least..... Go visit my friend-The Polka Dot Daisy And enter for her Halloween give-away! It is super awesome cute - she is so creative! :)