Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really Random Tuesday With Pics

Modge Podge Mania! So....This is my creation! I LOVE camo and I love modge podge! Modge Podge Maina Go join in on the fun and show everyone your creations!

So this is a close up of the valance I just hung in our living room this weekend. I had to do a close-up so you can see the deer!

And this is a little bit farther back pic. I like it - need to get rid of the horsehoe lamp and add a deer antler lamp, huh?

And last but not least..... Go visit my friend-The Polka Dot Daisy And enter for her Halloween give-away! It is super awesome cute - she is so creative! :)


  1. Those curtains look really nice! Isn't Mod Podge RAD?? Whoa, 80's flashback, sorry.

  2. Wow, Mod Podge, it's been awhile since I've used it. Went over to enter the contest.

  3. it's so totally fantastic. love it all.

  4. Love the picture frame!!!! Too stinkin' fun huh!?! I kind of enjoy peeling the mod podge of my fingers too, reminds me of elementary school!:-) Love the valance it is perfect!!

    Thanks for posting about my giveaway too, you are awesome!!!

    Hope your day was great!!

  5. Nice job on the picture frame. I am however neither artistic nor patient enough to create anything like that ;-)