Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Give-a-way

So this is my FIRST Give-a-way....and I have debated and debated about how I should do this.....
This is what I've came up with......
The give-a-way drawing will be October 15th!
All you have to do to is enter a comment on this post....I want to hear you funniest fall or Thanskgiving story!
The Give-a-way includes: all fall themed goodies. Including a fall kitchen hand towel -bath&body pumpkin soap - a leaf grocery list paid - AMISH jam (fall flavor) - festive fall hanging signs and more....


  1. ok so my funniest fall story is - I was at this blog that was having a giveaway and I didn't even know what the prize was. I laughed so hard.

  2. What?! Funny story?! Oh man. I have an uncomfortable one or two or million.
    Okay, this one year we went to visit my husband's biological mom on Thanksgiving. It was only a year after we met her. So we go down there and we bring our traditional Thanksgiving duds. You know, comfy, stretchy pants, t-shirts...that what we wear in these here parts. We're lazy. We eat too much, we gotta be comfy.
    Anyway, all of a sudden I hear my MIL say that she's gotta go get ready for dinner. I'm thinking, "Huh, dinner's done, what's she talkin' about?"
    Well she's gone for about an hour, locked in her room and bathroom. In fact, the entire family is in their bedrooms.
    Then the guests start showing up.
    I was in the back of the house taking care of my was 4 and one was almost 2. We're playing, being silly. I did NOT notice the huge spread for Thanksgiving. The huge, fancy, beautiful spread.
    And when we all walked into the dining room to be seated I looked around and his ENTIRE family was dressed up. DRESSED dressed. Dresses, heels, jewelry, major hair coif, suits, ties, cuff links. I mean super dressed up. The fanciest thing I had was jeans. My kids were in jammies. We ran and changed super quick, we figured jeans were a tad nicer than sweats? It was so embarassing. And this one lady looks and me and goes, "My, you look comfy!" Beeeyotch. I was embarrassed.

  3. Of course, it was better than what went on at home here in Oregon while we were gone. My sister brought her friend and her friend's brother to dinner because they had no place to go for Thanksgiving. And the friend's brother was gay. GAY gay.
    Hi Mr. Gay, meet my brother. My brother, the meet eating, red bleeding, right winging REPUBLICAN who loves to HUNT. Hahaha! Kinda wish I was there. :)

  4. When I was divorced, living in Illinois I went and spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his partner in Milwaukee, WI. (with my kids) So they could not get their oven to light, ended up having the gas guy out that day! Turns out that when they cleaned the stove they had put the button on wrong so it wouldn't turn on!!!
    Had to borrow some cooker from the neighbors to make the turkey. Then to top that off my son pucked all over their bed and comforter.
    They ended up putting it in the basement and found out later that they threw it out and bought a new one. How's that for a story?

  5. The only thing I can think of is...every year I swear I will NOT fix Thanksgiving dinner unless we get a new oven/stove. What a piece ours was. And every year I still prepared the meal. Until the past two years when I put my foot down. Then my husband pitched in. This year....WE GOT THE STOVE!!! As happy as I am with the stove, I hope I'm not left alone in the kitchen!!

    Great blog. How nice to sponsor a giveaway.
    Have a great day.

  6. Gosh, the only thing I can think of is the year my sister tried to deep fry the turkey and it was still raw when we tried to eat it.

    I just saw your comment on my no-sew curtains, thanks for the kind words. I got the rods from Target - they are the cheapest rods they sell. But I think they look great. Good luck with your kitchen nook. It is hard when it's an irregular shape.


  7. My story is about Halloween! My son was 4 at the time and was attending his preschool Halloween party. I went to watch and help out with his snack day. My son is overly dramatic and started saying his tummy hurt. I just kept telling he would be fine and that he needed to participate with the others. He refused to take the class picture, again his belly reall was hurting. Once the class started trick-or-treating each other, my son got up to go around the circle of classmates and handed out two treats when he threw up in front of his whole class and their parents. Come to find out my little man had the flu. I'm such a good mom =)

  8. Just send it to me O.k.!!! Funny story huh!?!? Every Halloween is funny because of Bug he is sooo terrified of Halloween, and to watch him last year trying to stay away from homes that might have scary stuff was hilarious. Especially since he was with six little girls and his good friend. He is refusing to dress up this year or answer the door to trick or treaters. Gotta love him!!!

  9. It is funny now, but not then. My mom always cooked the Thanksgiving turkey on a gas stove. She cooked it on low all night. Good stuff. After I got married and moved away, she came to visit and was going to make the turkey on my electric stove. Big mistake. We woke up the next morning to a very raw turkey.