Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy weekend - with Christmas coming soon....

Yestersday (Sunday) at church. My dad came to visit our church and watch Coby sing in the Christmas program. Coby and my daddy! 2 very important men in my life! I love this pic!

Coby at home, right before his Christmas singing at church!

Handsome boy! :) He makes me so proud.
Friday night - we went to a friend's house. She invites Santa over EVERY year just for the kiddos! As you can see - Coby is VERY interested in what Santa is telling him!
Coby also had a package of gummies he had been saying he wanted to give to Santa. And he SURE did give them to Santa.

And Santa gave him an early Christmas present in return!

And guess what? I won the door prize from Santa and EVEN GOT TO SIT ON HIS LAP!! Oh yes, I did!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One child in the Christmas Spirit-well, sort of....

This is Hunter....TRYING to get in the Christmas spirit! You can tell he is trying NOT to smile (because mom TOLD him to smile!) And I could not have found a more "fitting" Christmas shirt for Hunter.
The shirt reads: "JUST SAY NO TO MISTLETOE." Although Hunter informed me when he's around CERTAIN girls - he's going to cover up the "no" and "to" so all they will see is "just say mistletoe."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My SSS rocks!!!!

I went to the post office yesterday to pick up some Christmas gifts I had ordered...only to find that I HAD A PRESENT there AS WELL!! My SSS rocks!!! I mean she/he really really rocks!!!! I love DOVE chocolates....I love picture frames....I loves candles....I love warm cozy socks!!! I have NEVER had a Yankee Candle! OMG! This thing smells wonderful!! If you love the smell of a big fat dryer sheet (which I do) then you will love Yankee Candle - clean cotton!! This could not be any more perfect!

Warm SUPER SOFT super fluffy cozy socks!!! Oh yes.... these socks even say they have "shea butter moisture" in them! That ROCKS!!! i can't wait to try them on....that may be tonight!

Another view of the socks!
Thank you SOOO much SSS - you are the best SSS EVER!!! I am completely thrilled with my gifts!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Visit With Santa at BassPro

So we FINALLY made it to sit on Santa's lap last night! We tried to see him last Saturday and we were #130 in line. We decided to come back later.....
Coby was SO excited to see Santa. Obviously he's not afraid of him anymore. He climbed RIGHT up in Santa's lap and told Santa that he wants a buzz lightyear for Christmas. The child was trying to talk Santa's ear off! LOL!
Thanks for listening, Santa.....We will see you soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Please Don't Look - if You Have a Weak Stomach....

So.......this is a view from the blind I was hunting from..... And then.....this is the doe I shot! MY FIRST DEER!!! I can NOT even begin to explain the emotions to you.....But I can promise you....after I shot it - if there had been a video camera on me in my stand I can PROMISE you that I DEFINIETLY would have made America's Funniest Home Videos!!!! I called Cory on his cell phone (he was hunting in a different area) and said "oh my god, Cory! I just shot one!!!" After I heard the excitement in his voice and his congratulating me He said he started THROWING stuff out of his stand to hurry up and get back to me!!!

And let me just ADD to this story....When Cory and I got out of the truck to start hunting that was 15 degrees! Yes 15.....I would say it felt like MINUS 180 degrees!!!!

Sorry about the blood - Brandy edited most of it out of the pic for me! Me and my first deer! :) Coby was even happy for me!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A start on the Christmas decorating

We started our Christmas decorating last night...... 'Tis the season for deer too, right?

And it would'nt be Christmas without our "hunting" Santa's!!! I just love these guys!

Coby was feeling quite festive.

And he was SUPER excited that we were putting up the tree.

We didn't get finished last night, so more pictures to come later..............

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Letters for your Kids

I am doing a review for ! I have to tell you this site was SUPER easy to navigate and fun to go through everything. Included with your Santa letter, your child gets Christmas coloring sheets AND stickers FROM Santa! The letter is personalized down to their name, age, siblings names, pet names, accomplishments for the past year, etc. You can also add for them to get a "good list" reward! You can add for them to get a craft kid, a phone call from Santa, many other things!
Although I got mine free for doing this review, their prices seem very reasonable. I have paid for some in the past, and they did not seem to offer all the extra's and personalization that this company has offered.

We Have A Deer

On Black I went to brave the stores....Cory went to brave the woods....
I received a text from him that said something to the effect of "i suck! I just missed a huge buck!" Shortly there after I get a text that said something to the effect of "i might suck - but I GOT a huge buck!" LOL!
Coby was SUPER proud of Daddy's deer!
In fact when I called him (he was spending the day with PawPaw) all Coby could say is "i'm so proud - i'm so proud. I can't wait to tell daddy how proud i am. i want to eat that deer!" (yeah, so we've brain washed him a little bit.)
Coby and his bow - yeah.....we let him believe he shot the deer for a little bit..... And a 3 generation picture. Grandpa, Daddy & Coby with the buck!

For all the Hunter's out there: 11 point buck (1 was broke off, so only 10 point buck) 120 lbs, 16 inch spread. He would've scored about a 140.
We are SO proud of you daddy!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Deer Rifle Season in Oklahoma......

So this weekend Cory and I went on a guided hunting trip. This is one of the view's from my hunting blind..... This is ANOTHER view from my hunting blind......Do you see any deer? NEITHER DID I!!!!

Guess what!? Cory DID get a deer!! (Sorry if you have a weak stomach!) I tried to take a non-bloody-view picture!

And now for my little deer... LOL! Oh wow - I think we have created a monster!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend we took the boys up to see lake Spavinaw. It is BEAUTIFUL! Clear water! This is standing up above the dam! Cory wants to tube down it! LOL! (He's SUCH a little kid sometimes!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Heaven to Earth Photography.....LOVE HER!!!

Here are a few of my SNEAK peaks that Jen with Heaven to Earth Photography sent to me!! She amazes me MORE and MORE.....
Love the silly face pic!

This is DEFINIETLY one of my favorites!!!! Thanks for such an awesome job, Jen!!! You truly have a gift!

ROTC Military Ball '09

So Friday night was Dylan's ROTC Military Ball. I got to chaperone! YEA!!! This is Dylan and Lizzy dancing! (This picture was actually at the end of the night when poor Lizzy had DANCED herself too death - then of course, this is a slow song.) NO WORRIES - MOM had a watchful eye! LOL!

This isn't a very good picture (where is my photographer when I need her! LOL!) But they were doing a "drill" and this is the backside of Dylan! He is standing PERFECT at attention!

Dylan and Lizzy dancing..................

Dylan and Lizzy dancing.................

Friday, November 13, 2009

EARLY Christmas presents.....

I KNOW it's SUPER early -but we had no where to hide it.....
So last night - This is what Dylan got for Christmas! I think Coby was JUST as proud of it, as Dylan.

This bike fits him SO much better! His old KX 85 was just TOO small for him! This is a KX 125!

I think he was VERY pleased!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade 2009

This was one of the soldier's in our 2009 Veteran's Day parade. The far right - is Dylan marching with his ROTC group in the parade. I BARELY got him in the picture! It was a proud moment for me!
This is Dylan's ROTC color guard. He is wanting to join the color guard in the next few weeks.....

This is the ROTC inflatable guy - that actually had a guy INSIDE this costume trying to walk.. LOL!

I wish this picture would have came out more clear! I LOVED watching the jets fly over the parade.