Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Have A Deer

On Black Friday.....as I went to brave the stores....Cory went to brave the woods....
I received a text from him that said something to the effect of "i suck! I just missed a huge buck!" Shortly there after I get a text that said something to the effect of "i might suck - but I GOT a huge buck!" LOL!
Coby was SUPER proud of Daddy's deer!
In fact when I called him (he was spending the day with PawPaw) all Coby could say is "i'm so proud - i'm so proud. I can't wait to tell daddy how proud i am. i want to eat that deer!" (yeah, so we've brain washed him a little bit.)
Coby and his bow - yeah.....we let him believe he shot the deer for a little bit..... And a 3 generation picture. Grandpa, Daddy & Coby with the buck!

For all the Hunter's out there: 11 point buck (1 was broke off, so only 10 point buck) 120 lbs, 16 inch spread. He would've scored about a 140.
We are SO proud of you daddy!!!!


  1. That's awesome. My husband STILL hasn't gotten a deer, but he did shoot the jeep. Does that county for anything. I shouldn't joke; it's really not funny!

  2. Oh what fun!! It's so great that your son has someone to take him out hunting! My boys would LOVE to go, but my husband isn't a hunter. Looks like he had a great time! My husband went out shopping for black friday and I stayed in bed!! LOL

  3. Cool!
    My dad and brother will be jealous!
    My neice is brainwashed too...she looks at their deer they shot and goes "num num."

  4. Your boy sounds like my oldest girl! She gets so proud of daddy and loves eating them too

  5. that's so sweet that coby was "so proud" lol.