Thursday, December 3, 2009

A start on the Christmas decorating

We started our Christmas decorating last night...... 'Tis the season for deer too, right?

And it would'nt be Christmas without our "hunting" Santa's!!! I just love these guys!

Coby was feeling quite festive.

And he was SUPER excited that we were putting up the tree.

We didn't get finished last night, so more pictures to come later..............


  1. love the pictures of coby. totally adorableness!

  2. Love the hunting Santas! Where did you get those? We have one small one but it is like a duck hunter which my hubs doesnt do but the only one I could find!

  3. Yes, those hunting Santas are CUTE!! Where DID you get em???

  4. OMG those hunting Santas kill me!! I LOVE them! And Coby is such a little dollface :)

  5. Those Santas are awesome!! LOL Love their vests!! ha ha ha ha! I can't wait to do some decorating!

  6. those hunting Santas are CUTE!! Where DID you get

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