Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lake fun on Memorial Day weekend

Just a few random pics of some lake fun this past weekened.
Love love love going to the lake! Such FUN times!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day quilt

Finally!! The BIG mother's day project is complete!!! It only took me a couple months and it was fun! I hope my mom LOVES it!!! It DOES have it's flaws, but I'm not perfect!! go finish the little projects! Shheezz!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Riding Weekend (Not a bad thing!)

 Busy weekend again. And we went to an AWESOME dirt bike track on Saturday! Silly me - this is the ONLY pic I got of Coby!  Thank goodness we haven't let him take his dirt bike to a track yet - it just makes me TOO nervous!
 Hunter, however, WANTED to take his dirt bike! He did pretty good! No crashes - that's always a plus!
 Should I be concerned that my husband STILL does this? I mean really? Can you see him, up in those trees? He makes me a nervous wreck!
Yep.....he's still got it! Just needs to not jump SO high! I mean come HAS to be just as fun with both tires on the ground! Right?!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Running? Runner? To Run? Or Not To Run?

I've been running - does that make me a runner? Really? Let me explain: I did the "couch to 5k" last spring...and enjoyed it, and then once I hit week 8, I sort of fell off that ban waggon.
Then, this past January - I decided I wanted to be a runner again. I felt so much more energized, and just generally felt better, when I ran. So - we went on the treadmill hunt and got one. When the weather is nice enough and I am able too (depending on kids) I run outside, otherwise I run in the house on the treadmill. I started back on the "couch to 5k" now called "ease into 5k." Now I am on week 7! Yes, I said 7! I've been STUCK on week 7 for about 2 months! I run 3 days a week and zumba once a week. I Don't understand what the big hurrdle is to run ONE more minute....or another 1/4 of a mile! I don't get it!
So - does this make me a runner? Or just a wanna-be-runner?
I COULD finish a 5k right now - even though I would hate most of it - I could do it! But, why can't I seem to give myself that little PUSH that I need?