Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Days....

Well, here you have it! Coby's VERY FIRST SCHOOL PICTURE!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wildlife Expo 2010

For the past 4 or 5 years Oklahoma has put on a "wildlife expo." It's SO neat! Geared towards the kids (mostly) and the best part...everything is FREE!! We haven't been since Coby was a baby, so we decided to load up and make the 2 hour drive to let Coby have some fun!
I love these pics - Daddy trying to help Coby shoot the bow.Look at Coby's face! "oh no! is that ok?" LOL!

Daddy making sure Coby is doing it JUST right! If you look closely at Coby's face you can really see his look of concentration.
Coby even got to ride in a kayak ALL BY HIMSELF! He really enjoyed that!
It was a lot of fun! We got to try out some deer bacon! It was AWESOME! Buffalo chili! Also, awesome! So many exhibits- indoors AND outdoors!
They also had fishing for the kids, as well as bow fishing for the kids. But it was getting too late in the day, Coby was ready for lunch, and the line was SO long! We decided to skip that part this time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't Get Over My Randomness...

The weather will be changing we've been trying to get ALL of the outside play time IN that we can get!
This is our newly adopted cat! He/she (whatever it is) just showed up at our house a couple weeks ago. Coby has named it Mr. Pettybones (off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.)

And with the weather changing soon....that means deer season is RIGHT around the corner! Here's 3 of the 4 males in my household practicing shooting with their bows! will be here before we know it!
SO - this past saturday night Cory and I went out!!! ALONE!!! OMG! (I know - I was totally excited too!) Anyway - i just HAPPENED to have my camera in my car and was like "wait.....let's take our picture!" hehe!! So here we are.....very happy!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's My Random Day.....

A couple weeks ago - Cory and I decided to take Coby to Branson for a day trip. And of could we NOT stop at Bass Pro! HELLO!?!?!? I have a picture of Coby with this bear when he was about a year old...I can't wait to dig it out and compare them.Coby and Daddy with ANOTHER bear!!!
Coby LOVED driving his own go-cart! If you look closely enough - please notice: One foot on the gas and one on the ALL times!

Coby and Daddy driving water bumper boats! Coby thought it was HILARIOUS to shoot me with the watergun!

Ok - and now for a little randomness:
Update on Coby's leg! (I meant to do this a LOT sooner!) He is doing FINE nothing ever happened! He went almost 48 hours without walking. His pediatrician took x-rays, had blood work done, etc. The radiologist said "developmental changes." (Which I'm taking as growing pains.) And all blood work came back normal! Thank God! I really hope this is not a re-occuring thing!
Pre-K is STILL wearing Coby out!!! He was SOO excited when I told him this morning "we get to sleep in tomorrow!" How sad is that for a 4 year old to be excited about sleeping in!?
So....Dylan's sophomore year....I completely forgot about class rings!! OH MY!! These things are NOT cheap!!! I told him - I will order one, but if I see a girl wearing it I'm going to BASH her head in! He told me to be pre-pared to bash a lot of heads in then! REALLY!?
So....since I'm loving zumba class so much - I decided to order the one off of the informercial! I tried it for the first time last night! It is DEFINIETLY a workout, HOWEVER....I'm not thrilled with the music choices on it! That's part of what I like about the class - a little Usher....a little know?! A little GET YOUR BOOTY shakin music?!?!?
Have a GREAT Friday everyone! And a GREAT weekend!!!!