Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't Get Over My Randomness...

The weather will be changing we've been trying to get ALL of the outside play time IN that we can get!
This is our newly adopted cat! He/she (whatever it is) just showed up at our house a couple weeks ago. Coby has named it Mr. Pettybones (off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.)

And with the weather changing soon....that means deer season is RIGHT around the corner! Here's 3 of the 4 males in my household practicing shooting with their bows! will be here before we know it!
SO - this past saturday night Cory and I went out!!! ALONE!!! OMG! (I know - I was totally excited too!) Anyway - i just HAPPENED to have my camera in my car and was like "wait.....let's take our picture!" hehe!! So here we are.....very happy!!!


  1. My husband is SUPER excited about bow hunting this year.

    You two look so cute. I hope you had a wonderful night out!

  2. Sean has been archery hunting for the last week. I'm so ready for him to be home... but since I bought him a fancy new bow for Christmas (and since I ate the LAST package of elk last night), I'd really like for him to bring me home a trophy:-)
    P.S. Whats with the word verification?

  3. Yay for date night! And deer season I'm craving more venison!!

  4. aww kitty! so cute! coby is cute too hehe
    did u have a good date night?

  5. Our archery season has already come and gone but rifle season is coming up in a couple months for deer and elk! Hoping my freezer is stocked up soon!

  6. Oh Yeah.. There is nothin like a night alone... YAY!!!!!!!! My hubby has his bow ready too... LOL