Friday, September 10, 2010

It's My Random Day.....

A couple weeks ago - Cory and I decided to take Coby to Branson for a day trip. And of could we NOT stop at Bass Pro! HELLO!?!?!? I have a picture of Coby with this bear when he was about a year old...I can't wait to dig it out and compare them.Coby and Daddy with ANOTHER bear!!!
Coby LOVED driving his own go-cart! If you look closely enough - please notice: One foot on the gas and one on the ALL times!

Coby and Daddy driving water bumper boats! Coby thought it was HILARIOUS to shoot me with the watergun!

Ok - and now for a little randomness:
Update on Coby's leg! (I meant to do this a LOT sooner!) He is doing FINE nothing ever happened! He went almost 48 hours without walking. His pediatrician took x-rays, had blood work done, etc. The radiologist said "developmental changes." (Which I'm taking as growing pains.) And all blood work came back normal! Thank God! I really hope this is not a re-occuring thing!
Pre-K is STILL wearing Coby out!!! He was SOO excited when I told him this morning "we get to sleep in tomorrow!" How sad is that for a 4 year old to be excited about sleeping in!?
So....Dylan's sophomore year....I completely forgot about class rings!! OH MY!! These things are NOT cheap!!! I told him - I will order one, but if I see a girl wearing it I'm going to BASH her head in! He told me to be pre-pared to bash a lot of heads in then! REALLY!?
So....since I'm loving zumba class so much - I decided to order the one off of the informercial! I tried it for the first time last night! It is DEFINIETLY a workout, HOWEVER....I'm not thrilled with the music choices on it! That's part of what I like about the class - a little Usher....a little know?! A little GET YOUR BOOTY shakin music?!?!?
Have a GREAT Friday everyone! And a GREAT weekend!!!!


  1. whew - it's about time you updated.

  2. Looks like you ummm coby had a GREAT time lol....LOVED Dylans reply!!! gotta love a confident guy =)

  3. Glad Coby is better... I'm really wanting to try Zumba but I need to find someone that will go with me. I feel like I'd look like a total idiot.

  4. So glad Coby is doing well. This is the BPS in Branson, right? Looks like you all had a GREAT time.

  5. I need to try Zumba everyone raves about it! And Coby is such a little cutie patootie!!

  6. LOL!! I love how your gonna bash heads in...LOL!! Im so glad little man is ok!!!! hugs!!!..PS I love zumba too.. what dvds did you get??

  7. I have never tried Zumba but I'm really curious if it works? Good luck with that class ring! HAHA My little one brought home a love note from preschool yesterday. Is it wrong to want to bash in heads that young? j/k Glad you guys had a fun trip

  8. I love me some Zumba, too!! Soooo much fun!