Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Lamp!

Well, I've been on the hunt for a Star Wars lamp! Coby LOVES Star Wars. But EVERY one I found (all online) were $59.99 AND UP! So.... I decided to settle this MYSELF! I went to Target and bought this lamp - on sale this week for $14.99, thank you very much!Went to Joann's and bought some Star Wars Fabric, broke out my Modge Podge and WAH LAH!!!

We have a Star Wars lamp!

This project took me MAYBE 30 minutes and made one little boy in my house VERY happy!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Month

I've been a bad bad blogger! (Hm...that's what I said 2 months ago, too!) I am REALLy going to try to be better! REALLY!!!!!

Coby will be 6 next week! 6! I can't believe it - I do NOT like my baby growing up!

He got glasses this past week. Some paperwork came home from school, he failed his vision screening. So I made him an eye dr. appt, and sure enough, he did the same thing there. His right eye is a little far sighted, but his left eye is VERY far sighted! We are hoping glasses for a few months can correct this, hopefully he won't have to wear them forever.

And this is one of the photo's I had taken of him a couple weeks ago. I hope to have the entire CD soon! I AM BACK bloggy world.....and I'm here to stay!!!!