Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Running? Runner? To Run? Or Not To Run?

I've been running - does that make me a runner? Really? Let me explain: I did the "couch to 5k" last spring...and enjoyed it, and then once I hit week 8, I sort of fell off that ban waggon.
Then, this past January - I decided I wanted to be a runner again. I felt so much more energized, and just generally felt better, when I ran. So - we went on the treadmill hunt and got one. When the weather is nice enough and I am able too (depending on kids) I run outside, otherwise I run in the house on the treadmill. I started back on the "couch to 5k" now called "ease into 5k." Now I am on week 7! Yes, I said 7! I've been STUCK on week 7 for about 2 months! I run 3 days a week and zumba once a week. I Don't understand what the big hurrdle is to run ONE more minute....or another 1/4 of a mile! I don't get it!
So - does this make me a runner? Or just a wanna-be-runner?
I COULD finish a 5k right now - even though I would hate most of it - I could do it! But, why can't I seem to give myself that little PUSH that I need?


  1. Love the new look!

    I'd go with runner. I don't run. I think the fact that you could finish the 5k qualifies you, as I would definitely have to walk it...even if I wasn't pregnant.

  2. you're totally a runner! I can't run on the treadmill like I do outside- on the treadmill I get stuck at about mile 3 but outside I can power out 6-7.