Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Letters for your Kids

I am doing a review for Santaletters4kids.com ! I have to tell you this site was SUPER easy to navigate and fun to go through everything. Included with your Santa letter, your child gets Christmas coloring sheets AND stickers FROM Santa! The letter is personalized down to their name, age, siblings names, pet names, accomplishments for the past year, etc. You can also add for them to get a "good list" reward! You can add for them to get a craft kid, a phone call from Santa, many other things!
Although I got mine free for doing this review, their prices seem very reasonable. I have paid for some in the past, and they did not seem to offer all the extra's and personalization that this company has offered.


  1. I keep telling my kids we are going to write Santa some letters, but I just seem to run out of time in the day! We will have to go and check out that site! Thanks!!