Monday, November 16, 2009

ROTC Military Ball '09

So Friday night was Dylan's ROTC Military Ball. I got to chaperone! YEA!!! This is Dylan and Lizzy dancing! (This picture was actually at the end of the night when poor Lizzy had DANCED herself too death - then of course, this is a slow song.) NO WORRIES - MOM had a watchful eye! LOL!

This isn't a very good picture (where is my photographer when I need her! LOL!) But they were doing a "drill" and this is the backside of Dylan! He is standing PERFECT at attention!

Dylan and Lizzy dancing..................

Dylan and Lizzy dancing.................


  1. he's not old enough to dance with GIRLS!!!

  2. There is something about a Military Ball that makes me feel thankful to all the men and woman who serve our country. It's like a big thank you party. Looks like he had a pretty good time.

  3. I don't know whether to say awww or feel sorry for your son for having so many pictures taken of him dancing with this sweet gal ;-)

  4. So this is THE girlfriend...
    I got it out of him when we did pics..I I told him that he had to take a nice picture so he good give it to his girlfriend, LOL
    I will be posting one of his pics so you and her can have one!