Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Someone......

Dear Deer - I don't even KNOW where to start.....WHERE ARE YOU THIS YEAR!!!???? You are not in our usual hunting spot....I know because Cory has looked for you SEVERAL times.....Dylan a few times....
I haven't seen you in our back yard...I see your tracks - but you are sneaky little boogers. You come eat the corn we set out for you and run - I have YET to see you!!
I saw one of your cousins on the side of the highway this morning. It was not such a pretty sight!

Rifle season starts next week and I really need to start seeing you all SOON! Come on...give me a break, ok? I've been out looking for you for 3 years and you NEVER get close enough to me! Send a family member in that you don't know like the mouthy cousin or something? I will take care of them for you!

Signed - Anxious Hunting Girl!

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  1. are too funny!! I love deer meat... you are making my mouth water. My nephew (who is 11) shot his first deer last year. He was so excited.. my brother made him a trophy... haha

  2. LOL they always disappear at hunting season!!

  3. OMG, the mouthy cousin, a family member you don't like?? Hahaha!

  4. OMGosh LOL toooooo hubby got drew in on a hunt and he is out now...I will admit I do not like deer meat and have a bunch to give to you...if/when WE have
    hubby got one during muzzle loader nd we have no room!

  5. I hear that corn brings them out of the wood work! LOL, good luck finding those sneaky little buggers!! Thanks for finding my blog! I have been reading over yours and love it!!

  6. lol too funny!!!!

    Flipping by from SSS! Happy weekend!

  7. Stopping by from SSS!

    My hubby went hunting and didn't get one this year so there is at least one more extra deer this year.

    I'm so proud to find another hunting girl out there. Hi- nice to meet you!!

  8. It's been pretty lean pickins in our deer camp this year too. Hubs and his brother have been seeing them here and there..all little bitty does and last years fawns. Good job on being a hunting Mom! You are a braver soul than me!