Monday, September 7, 2009

Please Forgive Me!

I am so so mad at myself!
So - Yesterday Cory, Coby and I were leaving to go riding. 1 mile down the road I tell Cory "shoot! I forgot my camera." (Which is NOT like me!) And OF COURSE we are going to drive down Amish lane, and I thought what a perfect day it would have been to take pics of the Amish farms and post them on here, for all my blogging friends to see.
Yada Yada the day goes on, and we are driving home....
One Amish home had all their windows open! IT IS 87 degrees here! Which I KNOW isn't HOT-HOT, but's HOT! Right?
Then....we drive up behind an Amish couple walking down the road? Did I have my camera? NO!
Drive a little farther.....and drive by an Amish buggy sitting in another Amish's "driveway" (if you can call it that) and looks as if they are delivering food to that home. Only the woman got out of the buggy, carrying a couple containers. Do I have my camera? NO!!!
So, we drive a litte bit farther and come right up behind a horse and buggy going down the road. So I grab Cory's cell phone to use the camera on it. And we get beside them to pass them (slowly of course, so we don't scare their horse.) And i got scared! I was scared they were going to see me taking their picture and get mad! So by the time I clicked - I got a picture of Cory's door panel on the truck! REALLY!?!?!?
I could have had SO many great Amish pictures for my blogging friends - but I don't! :( What a sad sad day! I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me!


  1. Poo! I am still in the middle of the Amish book series I'm reading and I watched the show the other night and I'm totally obsessed. Obsessed, I tell ya! I would be afraid to take pictures of them too though. :/ Dangit!

  2. oooooohhh those would have been fun to see! Maybe another time!

  3. Yes, that sounds about right..don't know how many times I've forgotten my camera and missed some great opportunities. I'm sure you'll be able to catch some good ones in the future though and I can't wait to see them :-)