Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Someone

Join me in the Dear Someone...... This is my first time playing - so I'm a little excited!
Dear Swine Flu -
why must you make your way into America? Furthermore why must you make your way into Oklahoma? Even furthermore, why must you make your way into MY HOME!? Yes, my 2 oldest children have been infected with your bacteria now! Well, let me say....they have tested positive for Flu Type A - -and from what I'm being told by healthcare professionals now is that they DO have H1N1. How can you look so innocent and still give us all your germs? If you want to roll around in the mud all day and eat nasty disgusting things, then go right ahead, but PLEASE little piggy leave us alone!!!
Signed - aggravated mom!
Dear Teenage children-
Why do you insist in your bedroom being a mess? When I, your mother, can keep the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bath, hall bath, and my own bedroom clean. Dust free, vaccummed, everything in it's place. And I always give you clean laundered clothes to wear. You have one divided off section to call your own and it looks like a tornado came through there? What is it about not putting clothes in the dirty laundry hamper? What is it about having wrappers of all sorts all over your bedroom? What is it about digging everything out and just throwing it somewhere, rather than putting it back where it belongs? And you wonder why your mother seems so stressed?
Well just remember one thing dear teenage children........IF MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY!!!!
Love always - MOM!


  1. there room is a mess because they have swine flu. HELLO?! pigs in a pig sty. get it? lol.

  2. Oh noooo..I'm so sorry to hear about the swine flu! That's just awful! Hope they're getting well real soon!

  3. You tell em, momma!!! Piggies schmiggies. Little hogs. :0

  4. Thanks for joining in! I put you on the link on my blog so that others can hop on over and visit yours too!

  5. Hi Sheila! I linked over to your page from ShortMama's site. I'm from OKC--where are you located? AND OMG!! Tell that swine flu to get the hell out of our state! I'm so so sorry!!!


  6. Oh man!!! So sorry about the swine flu, we were hit here a couple of months ago, but we never got it in our house!! I hope they get feeling better soon!! We as women are simply amazing, that's why we can keep so many things clean!!:-) Hope your day was good, we have been too busy here!

  7. come to my blog i have an award for you...

  8. Sheila! I don't know if you check your blog on weekends or not, but on 20/20 tonight they are doing a show on Amish people! : ) DVR DVR DVR...