Monday, September 14, 2009

Did a Little "add-to's" at the homestead...

This is our master bathroom window before......
And this is out master bathroom window AFTER!!! I broke out the sewing machine - that i HATE using and made my own valance! I'm happy with it....

Then, I felt a little "frisky" so I broke out the Modge-Podge! And made another picture frame! Added a little "fall flavor" to it this time! You like it?

Then I headed to the living room.! Plain boring fireplace mantel! (And yes, I've begged for this deer skull to go out on the shop-but my wish has not been granted thus far.)
So - i felt a little on the "wild side" and as i saw on another blog earlier last week, I added some pumpkins and fall flowers to give it all some color!
I'm happy with the results!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!


  1. I love those little punkins! :)

  2. It all looks wonderful. Isn't it fun to change things up alittle! You have inspired me to get out my Fall decorations early.

  3. no - it looks fabulous. love it. love my own fall frame the most.

  4. Everything looks fabulous!!! Way to go, you busy girl!:-) I got my living room decorated today...woohoo!!! Finished redoing my pillows and runners, maybe I'm on a roll!:-) Hope your Monday is going good!

  5. Love it!! When do you have time for all this creativity??? :-)

  6. Love all the changes! I wish I could sew...and LOVE me some mod podged picture frames!