Friday, January 8, 2010

A few random pictures

On New Year's Eve my parents came over and brought Summer to play with Coby! Summer is my neice. And her ad Coby play SO good together. They decided to make a "bed" in the living room floor! Adjusting the blankets, and making everything JUST right! LOL!
Ok and now.....for my "problem area" at home! This drives me crazy! When you walk in our back door, you are in the laundry room, then you walk in the kitchen and this is where EVERYONE lays everything down!

And here...this one drives me insane THE MOST!!! Cory and I both have separate "baskets" that we put some of our papers/mail/things that we need to keep. Then everything else just gets PILED up here! I've laid things over here that need to go out to the shop (they've been there for MONTHS!) Christmas popcorn....empty wallflowers, Coby's art work from daycare, my purse! I have GOT to find a better organizational tool for this area! That is my job this weekend! To get these things CLEANED up to where they will STAY clean!
Please tell me I am NOT the only one with a "problem area" somewhere in the house!!!! My living room does not look like this! My bedroom does not look like this!
So....wish me luck this weekend - in my organizational efforts! :)


  1. My problem area is my nightstand drawer. It's hidden...but if you open that bugger there will be a mess!
    Althogh, our island thing can get messy too.

  2. ya - i see most of that stuff is yours. just saying. i have 991 problem areas at home and my whole house looks like that cabinet.

  3. Oh, we have a couple "problem areas." No matter how many times we put things away, it's a catch all!

  4. Sweet pictures of the kids. We all have our clutter areas. I hide mine in the closet, it is a MESS! My husband is pretty much a neat freak, very organized. I use to be but not anymore. My clutter is hidden. Yes, when my kids come to visit everything goes on the kitchen counters!

  5. I feel your pain!!
    My husband comes from a family of "pilers" or just let it fall where it lands type, and I'm a "everything has a place" person. It causes chaos!! I started using lots of baskets. They look nice and can hide a lot of the mess!
    Good Luck with it

  6. My entire house is my "problem area" well when I have a house and I'm not shacked up with my obsessively tidy in-laws that is :)

  7. My bar counter looks the same as your counter...drives me nuts!

  8. I have lots of those "problem areas"!! I call them Hot Spots!! I hate them....they drive me nuts. I get one cleaned just to turn around and find another one filled with papers and "junk"!! I sometimes dream that the mess goes away at night and when I get up in the morning my kitchen will be clean!! But....then I wake up and it's still a mess!! LOL Happy Cleaning!