Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter/Fishing Recap

This is what the Easter bunny brought Coby. Excuse the "still sleepy eyes" and the spiderman underwear!
All the Easter eggs that Coby colored. And he's trying to give himself "bunny ear." Daddy and Coby drew on this Easter egg. Yes bow-n-arrow. The other side is a deer head. Imagine that!

Good Friday - we took advantage of having the day off work and made a day-trip to Flippin, Arkansas to go trout fishing! We had a LOT of luck!!! It was a great fishing trip! Here's Coby looking all handsome in his fishing hat.

And playing with his worm! HA!


  1. Boys are always playing with their worms! And I wanna go to Flippin Arkansas!
    Or, Flippin, Arkansas. Whatever.

  2. I love the bow & arrow egg- so cute! And his fishing hat? Adorable!!

  3. Cute pictures. I can't wait to take E fishing....he'll be all about the worms, like Coby. Love that egg and not surprised at all that there's a deer on the other side!

  4. You were just down the road from us! I hope you were able to catch some of those fish! We're more likely to be up on the lake fishing nowdays. We love bass fishing. I'd love to visit with you next time you're this way!

  5. great pictures. he's getting so big.