Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mushy Momma Moment

Dylan (my oldest) is gone on his 4th camp for THIS summer! Yes, he has hardly been home AT ALL! And guess what?!?! I'm starting to miss the little turd! So as I was flipping through pics - I found a couple of him from his 16th birthday last month! Look how sunburned he is! And I love that he is sharing his guitar with Coby.

This is Dylan OPENING his birthday present! And as you can see.....Coby was LOVING having Dylan's box! He kept calling it his space ship and was a little upset when we finally had to throw it away!
Thank you for sharing this "mushy momma moment" with me!


  1. Awww, poor Sheila. :( I feel for you, I hate when the kiddo's are gone.

  2. Your boys seem like they really get along well! And 4 camps?! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!

  3. So people actually DO miss their teens? Just kidding, of course. I'm sure he's having a blast!