Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday

For my non-outdoorsie friends..........This is what sandbass look like at home in your sink, after you are done swimming with them in the lake. 23 fish I caught that day! GO ME! Well, I guess Cory and the boys caught a few of them too, but I'm taking all the credit!
This is our baby, Sadie. She is so spoiled. And likes EVERYONE in the house, better than me. She has NO clue that I am the one who buys all of her food and toys, huh?

A LOT of explaining to do with this! It is one of those love/hate relationships. No, not "hate" more of "love to give each other a hard time relationship." Riann and Cory don't know HOW to play nice with each other! But we have a lot of fun with it. So on our last "scrapping" day, while Cory was gone. Riann and I made this sign and put RIGHT where Cory parks. We laughed and laughed about it for DAYS! Cory didn't think it was HALF as funny as we thought it was! But I don't care what he says Riann and I KNOW we are HILARIOUS and he is just jealous because he can't be as cool as us! LOL!!!!!


  1. you and riann are crazy girls.

  2. Bleeeech. Chase knows he'd be in BIG trouble if I ever came home & found my sink looking like that!

  3. Our cats don't realize where all the food, treats, and toys come from either. They're not to smart.
    Love the sign! I bet that did get some laughs.

  4. I grew up at the shore, so the sight of all those fish is a familar one, yet still gross.

  5. One word - YUMMY!! I want some pan fish so bad I just about can't stand it! Where did you guys catch them? What did you use?
    And YEAH for you! Too bad there's not fish cleaning fairy though...