Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yet Another Random Tuesday

Here we go.....

*It seems like I've only been posting on Tuesdays anymore. I will try to change that.

*Made it through ONE more birthday! It was GREAT! Lot's of love to everyone who celebrated it with me! And thanks for all the awesome presents!

*Father's day was great! I am so thankful that Cory is such a great father and role model.He is so patient and you never see his "angry" side.

*Looking forward to another lake weekend, this weekend. Only with the 100 degree temps? Really? Must we go THAT far? LOL

*Dylan leaves for yet another camp out this week. This will be a really fun one though, canoeing through Missouri.

*Hunter seems to like spending his summer days with the grandparents.

*Only 2 more birthdays to make it through within the next 2 weeks. UGH!

*OH! I still get a belated birthday cake later this week! YEA! We had too much food, etc. going on Sunday with Father's day, so mom said it will be a late cake! LOL! Can't wait!

*It is HOT outside here! And i DO mean HOT!!!!

*Only 3 weeks until summer vacation! YEA!!! Sea World here we come..............


  1. omg - your mom is making another cake?! you have to bring it. you never should've put it on here. I need some. gimme gimme gimme.

  2. It is too hot. Way to flippin hot. Keep the cake away from Brandy. She won't share with nana.

  3. Ooooh. Sea World! Late birthday cakes always taste so much better to me, for some reason :)

  4. I can relate to the heat! Our A/C is running non-stop and it's too hot for me to take my oldest one out in the yard until the evening, sigh. Yay for Sea World!!!!!

  5. You better post a picture of the cake your momma makes! : )
    Nothing makes a week better than looking forward to cake. : )