Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Guess We are Playing A Blogging Game...

So Brandy is so awesome and totally cool. I'm blessed that she's my friend. (Ok, so when you get done throwing up...) Brandy tagged me for this FUN blogging stuff...YEA ME! (NOT!) I've never been tagged or tagged anyone in my LIFE - i have NO CLUE what I'm doing. But, I DO get an "a" for effort, ok?

This is what you have to do.....

1) Go to your photo files

2) Pick the sixth folder (open)

3) Pick the 6th photo

4) Write a story about the photo

5) Tag six people

So here is my 6th picture, is my 6th file................. This is my picture! This is my silly tween being himself! Playing goofy this past Mother's Day - we had a lot of fun! I have VERY few pictures with him smiling (he hates getting his picture taken) so this is a RARE photo!

Tag - you are it, my fine blogging friends..........




4- Wise (*Young*)Mommy


6-Alex the Girl


  1. That's adorable! Although I know how much boys, especially at that age, just luuuurve being referred to as "adorable"!

  2. Well, he should SMILE more because he has a lovely one!