Friday, August 13, 2010

We Survived Our Day Of Pre-K!

This is Coby at home yesterday before we left the house! And yes his shirt DOES say "I quit daycare - so I could do more Hunting!" Coby with Mommy and Daddy waiting to go in Pre-K!
Coby and Payton.....
And this is how HAPPY Coby was when I picked him up from school!
And this is what a day of pre-k does to a little boy! ( nap time anymore!) Notice: he is even laying ON TOP of one of his stuffed animals! Now TIRED!
So yes....we survived Coby's first day of pre-k! I'm NOT going to tell you that I didn't cry! Because I bawled like a big fat baby!!! I don't know WHY I have to be such a big sap! But....Coby is the "baby!" My last one! And he is growing up WAY too fast!
I did REALLY good! (AT FIRST!) We took him to lunch, then took him to school, and we even got to stand in the hallway with them for awhile. But when he put that big-boy-backpack on and started walking away with the other students and his teacher - it just HIT me like a TON of bricks!! Another mielstone for my baby!
On the drive home, in our converstaion about our first day of school he said " I know you don't want me to grow up, mommy. I'm sorry! But I REALLY want to go hunt!" He IS his father's child!!!


  1. How cute!! He looks like a little rockstar! Sounds like he loves pre-k! :)

  2. awww - yay for coby for being such a big boy.

  3. Time does go by way too fast! Glad he liked his first day!

  4. Time passes quickly... I cried this year when my oldest baby started her sneior year.