Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some People Know The Real Me!

When I got to Coby's daycare this morning, one of the teachers IMMEDIATELY told me that the director wanted to see me. I'm thinking...ok.....what the heck did Coby do!? LOL!
I found her, and this is what she handed me! A pack of kleenex tissues. You see, tomorrow is Coby's first day of pre-k! She knows that this momma, is a BIG SAP and that I will be bawling my eyes out because my youngest baby is going to school!
(See I'm already about to cry just writing this post, THINKING about it!)


  1. Aww that's really cute, and very sweet of her! To answer you question, I did free hand the vines on my ceiling. Honestly vines are the easiest thing ever to free hand since the less organized they are the more real they look ;+). And thanks for the sweet comments on Bungalow so glad you like it we sure do!

  2. But what a cute pack of Kleenexes!

  3. Am I the only mom looking forward to my kids starting school?
    Anyway... he'll do great, you'll do great. Deep breath.

  4. While it is a bittersweet moment...I found myself more happy for my kids than anything, happy to see the milestone. But I do get those moments too...don't want them to grow up!