Thursday, July 9, 2009

My new "intrigue"

Yes, my new "intrigue" is the Amish. Why you ask? Well, where we live, we have an Amish community approximately 4-5 miles down the road. And now, due to this, I just want to learn more and more about them. I read a book a few months back that I can't recall the name of right now, but something about "Bridges to Lancaster County." VERY GOOD. So, now I'm in starting a new series by Beverly Lewis, the first book in the series is called "The Shunning." I'm so excited, I started it a little bit last night and I'm already hooked!
So does anyone know much about the Amish people?
Some of the things I've learned is:
* Children are not allowed to have bibles, until over the age of 18.
* When a man does not have a "beard" that means he is still single.
*When the Amish have "church" someone reads from a German bible. For however long they want...if they want to read you the bible for 4 hours, then you sit and listen!
*Amish family's take turns having their church services at each other's homes.
I could go on and on.
Anyway - yesterday as I was driving home, there is a huge field down the road from us. And the Amish cut it down a few days ago, and were bailing it yesterday. I drove SO slow trying to watch them and get a good look at them. I think I've turned into an AMISH STALKER! HELP!!!!
One Sunday as we were driving to the lake, we had 3 or 4 Amish horse and buggy's in front of us on our way. Of course we drove very slow and let them stay ahead of us. Then as they turned into the home that they were having church at - we saw another family, coming from the opposite direction pulling a wagon with the 2 younger children in it. It is just SO neat to me!
If you have ANY interesting facts about the Amish - please let me in on them! I so badly want to go visit one of them and just spend a day with them. Of course - not when it's 90 or 100 degress! (No a/c!) LOL!


  1. Thank you for the information. I love the facts and look forward to more. I don't think I know any other Amish stalkers!

  2. Oh, no no no, woman. You live near an Amish community?! YOU ARE LUCKY!!!! I don't know anything about the, but I'm OBSESSED too. I really really wanna hang out with em. I think they are probably SO smart and inventive and creative because they don't rely on any of the stuff we do to survive. I really really wanna go to PA or something where they live. Where do you live? I am so jealous. You need to do weekly updates on things you learn and share them with us. We need this info. I need to come visit you, then we can go visit them and you're right...not when it's hot. I don't do the no a/c thing. But I bet their food is AWESOME. :)

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  4. When an Amish teen becomes 18, they are sent out to live in the "world" for a year. During that time they can choose to live the way they want to live w/o the supervision of their elders. After a year of living in the world, they make the decision of whether or not they want to return to the Amish way of life, or continue to live in the world. How they spend their life during that year is their own decision. Many return to the Amish way of life due to the world "out" there being crazy and complicated. Their simple way of life is more appealing, however, some choose not to return to the Amish way of life.

    After everything I thought was fascinating about their culture, I thought this particular practice to be the most intriguing. Imagine the worry of the parents wondering if their child would return to their way of life, or turn to the world.

    Very fascinating culture, and their furniture is incredible

  5. can't wait to hear more from you.

  6. I'll have to read The Shunned. My mother in law read it and fell in love with it. She said it was sad to her but so interesting. I went to Michigan a couple of years ago and all of the Amish I saw just seemed annoyed with me.