Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Day at the Fair

Here is Suzie and I with Emerson Drive! They put on a great show last night! And were so good with the fans! They autographed for EVERYONE, and took pics! GREAT GROUP OF GUYS!!!
They wanted us to tour with them and be "their girls" but we told them we have family here that we have to take care of! They were very upset and cried a little but seemed to understand! LOL!!! I'm HILARIOUS!!!!!
Go check out Suzie's blog to keep up with our "fair word of the day."


  1. look at you 2!!!! OMGosh i so jealous of the official looking badges you are wearing around your neck AND getting to meet such talent!!!
    I need a job at expo square...any openings?

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend!!!!

    Stopping by with a SSS update:
    we sent out the first round of q&a's last night if you did not receive an email from us please click the link below and follow the instructions-if you did get the email and have filled out the q&a you are good to go-your answers were automatically entered in our google doc form...
    Thanks and we are so excited you are joining the SSS

  2. Oh ho cute! It would be cool to get to meet all the famous people. : )
    And they are very cute!

  3. How wonderful!!! Lucky ladies you! Hope things aren't too crazy, and you're enjoying that yummy "fair food"!!!:-)