Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

I KNOW I am behind on my fall give-a-way! (Shuttie Brandy!) I asked for the FUNNIEST fall story! And oh my.....This is what i got in return.......

What?! Funny story?! Oh man. I have an uncomfortable one or two or million.Okay, this one year we went to visit my husband's biological mom on Thanksgiving. It was only a year after we met her. So we go down there and we bring our traditional Thanksgiving duds. You know, comfy, stretchy pants, t-shirts...that what we wear in these here parts. We're lazy. We eat too much, we gotta be comfy.Anyway, all of a sudden I hear my MIL say that she's gotta go get ready for dinner. I'm thinking, "Huh, dinner's done, what's she talkin' about?"Well she's gone for about an hour, locked in her room and bathroom. In fact, the entire family is in their bedrooms.Then the guests start showing up.I was in the back of the house taking care of my babies...one was 4 and one was almost 2. We're playing, being silly. I did NOT notice the huge spread for Thanksgiving. The huge, fancy, beautiful spread.And when we all walked into the dining room to be seated I looked around and his ENTIRE family was dressed up. DRESSED dressed. Dresses, heels, jewelry, major hair coif, suits, ties, cuff links. I mean super dressed up. The fanciest thing I had was jeans. My kids were in jammies. We ran and changed super quick, we figured jeans were a tad nicer than sweats? It was so embarassing. And this one lady looks and me and goes, "My, you look comfy!" Beeeyotch. I was embarrassed.

I will get your fall give-a-way in the mail before Friday! And I'm not going to post a pic of it - so it will be a nice little surprise for you! :)


  1. Oh my god, that made me laugh out loud. I'm so awkward like that, I could totally see that happening to me!
    Congrats mimi!

  2. oh no... that is awful!

    congrats to the winner!

  3. Hey!!! yay mimi!!!!! ME ME ME!!!! Thank you Sheila!! : )