Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Easter Post.....

So Easter Sunday we are sitting in service and Karla says "you know the kids are coming out to sing this morning, right?" I said "NO! Preschool or Kids church?" (Thinking it's either going to be Coby or Hunter.) Karla says "Preschool." So, next thing i know, here come the little preschoolers, all decked out for Easter Sunday, walking into big church holding on to their rope. Look how cute Coby looks! He's smiling like this might be something he will enjoy. Well, Dylan just HAPPENED to have his camera with him and i BEGGED him to go up front and take some pictures for me. The only problem, is Coby saw Dylan and started crying! All the other kiddo's are singing their songs about Jesus and Coby just stood there and CRIED! I felt horrible! So, I started crying FOR him.
This is Coby walking out of church, after they were done singing. See, you can tell he had tears! Poor baby!:( But he was SO cute!

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  1. he was probably afraid of the papparazzi - he doesn't want to get too famous too fast and lose his roots!