Tuesday, April 21, 2009

High School

My 14 year old, Dylan, informed me LAST NIGHT that we have to enroll him for high school TONIGHT! I can NOT believe I have a child going into high school. I can NOT believe how fast the time with him has flown by. I can still remember when he was a baby and my only child. I am so proud of him. He's turning into a wonderful young man. I feel SO blessed that God has given such a great kid to me. I can't imagine life without him!
(The picture above is Dylan rapelling at one of his Boy Scout campouts.)


  1. why do your posts always have to be so sappy? I don't want to think about grayson growing up - thank you very much.

  2. It is amazing to see them grow and develop into their own personalities. He is an awesome kid!

  3. Well, you are certainly handling that better than I will be. Tyler will be going to high school next year too, but we haven't actually had to go do the enrollment yet, thank goodness. I might cry that day.