Monday, April 27, 2009

Another riding weekend........

Well, we took the boys riding yesterday. First time we've been since Cory's latest "accident." (Although, that has been SEVERAL weeks.) The first pic is of Dylan. I know, i know! He's getting TOO big for that bike. But OMG! I can't believe the prices on the "next size up" bikes!
Daddy and Coby just riding around the track looking cool. They even brought their fishing poles and got to do a little fishing. According to Coby, they caught 4! According, to Daddy, they only caught 2. Isn't Coby a little young to start telling "fishing stories?"

This is Hunter on his bike! He was doing great, yesterday! I don't think he popped the clutch ONE single time! YEA, Hunter! And he did a little "standing up" while riding, which i think is totally awesome! Even got a little air, on a few of the hills. We will give all the credit to his new riding boots!


  1. very cool although i'm surprised you would let them still ride after Cory's latest "accident"

  2. It looks like they had so much fun! Boys will be boys.