Monday, April 13, 2009


We ALL had a GREAT Easter weekend! The first picture is of me, and my cute little neice, Summer. She NEVER cuddles with me like this - so we had to get a picture for proof that she DOES like me!

This is Hunter at our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Probably his last Easter egg hunt, I'm afraid next year he will think he is too "old" to do it anymore. :(

This is Dylan on Easter morning. The Easter bunny brought him a shirt that says "A Hunter's Nightmare-they can run and they can hide." And has a deer in camo on in.

This was Coby's 1st Easter egg coloring experience. He did GREAT! He had 13 different colors to choose from. (Too many!) But it was fun and he liked it. Now, all weekend he has been asking to see the Easter bunny, because he wants to give the easter bunny these eggs. LOL!
Hope all of you had a great Easter too!


  1. I can dress Grayson up in his bunny ears and Coby can give him the eggs. Think he'll fall for it?

  2. Looks like a great time!!!!