Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sesame Street Live

So, last Thursday Coby and I were able to go to Sesame Street Live at the BOK center downtown. It was great! I didn't tell Coby we were going until the night before. This is how the conversation went:
Me: Coby we are going on a date tomorrow night. Just me and you. And we are going to see Elmo, and Big Bird and Cookie Monster IN PERSON, NOT on TV!
Coby: (face lit up and very excited) YEA! I like Elmo!
The child was on cloud 9 all night!
So the next morning on the way to daycare I said "Coby, are you ready to go see Elmo and Big Bird tonight?"
My precious sweet son says "No, I just want to go see deer."


Anita, whom i work with, was also able to go with us and take her 2 year old grandaughter, Abby! Look how cute they are!

This is Coby and I! We had SO much fun! But NEXT year daddy HAS to go - there is NOTHING like seeing his little face light up when those characters are all on stage dancing and singing!

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  1. adorable. somehow the pictures and story is so much better in blog form. lol.