Friday, April 16, 2010

ROTC Awards Banquet

Last night was LOT'S of fun at Dylan's ROTC Awards Banquet....Many cadets (including Dylan) got sent to the "grog." The "grog" is a table consisting of 2 punch bowls (with nasty tasting drinks in them)....There is a list of rules, if another cadet notices you are not following this list of rules PERFECTLY, then that cadet informs the commander (in a rhyme) about what the fellow cadet is doing wrong. If the commander agree's the GROG you go! After you have taken your have to poor the cup over your head to prove that it is empty. (Let me throw this in of the drinks, was ice cream, punch, picante sauce and garlic. NOT VERY TASTY!)
Dylan did a GREAT job....he only get sent a couple times! LOL!

And a "pretty" picture for you.....Dylan and his girlfriend!
Aren't they adorable?
Oh! And Dylan received 4 ribbons last night! I will post pics of them later, when we actually HAVE them!


  1. aww. it's moments like these you need to reflect on when you want to strangle him or lock him in a closet.

  2. That sounds terrible! The drink, I mean. Looks like lots of fun. The last pic is super cute!

  3. they are cute! :) yum punch haha

  4. What a great night! I LOVE the grog. Hmmm, maybe I will institue the grog at my house. That would be awesome.

  5. How cool is that?!! He's a cutie!!

  6. aww i love the pix!!!! EWWW the grog sounded Horrible.. hugs