Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Dirt Never Hurt...neither did WORMS!

From our fishing trip this past weekend, Coby did GREAT staying in the boat all day. He didn't get too bored, and he wasn't cranky/whiny at all! We were very blessed! But....when he got a little bored - he found out how fun playing with worms can be..... Oh yes, he practically had them named! There was a "son" who was being mean to his "daddy" so he had to go back in the dirt! There was one that was trying to do tricks! And a couple worms that were even trying to fight! OH MY!
And of COURSE, what little boy doesn't think about putting a worm in his mouth! THANKFULLY he didn't - he was just pretending!
OH, to be in the thoughts of a 4 year old!!


  1. How funny! Don't eat that worm, Coby!

  2. yum! lol good source of protein im sure!

  3. I would get them by the handfuls if they helped you shed weight like crazy. Just think every worm=5 pounds.

  4. I love fishing! I am so jealous. And yay for playing with worms, he is obviously all boy! :)