Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I got my craft on this weekend.....

So, first let me say...this was NOT my idea....I stole it from my BFF bloggy friend The Polka Dot Daisy!
I just love her too death! She has the whole "camo your house" thing, going on like me! So....I stole her idea, and camo'd up our ceiling fan in our camo bedroom!


  1. Ha! I knew you stole this idea from T! :)
    I hope your guys' hubs know how lucky they are! :)

  2. i cant see it!?! (because its camo and hiding)

    all stupid jokes a side
    u did an awesome job!!

  3. You are so crafty! That's a project that would scare me! Very cute!!

  4. Youre hubs must be over the moon! I on the other hand have told my hubs that the living room is getting changed to my tastes now!

  5. Loved it when she did it, and love it again with yours!

  6. hehehe...we should camo the world!!! It looks awesome!!! You're blades are longer and look better, I love it, our guys are soooo lucky!! :)