Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Easter Pics

Coby and I colored some eggs, and ALSO put "veggietales" on some eggs! He had so much fun! My neice, hunting Easter eggs......

Coby hunting........
The Easter bunny brought Coby a puzzle....
And an "easter puppy!"
Coby and some of his Easter eggs! Hunter was even willing to get in on a pic! AMAZING!!!


  1. What fun. I see the snow is finally gone. YEAH for you guys

  2. super cute. I like his camo basket

  3. Cute! I love dying eggs, apparently I'll never grow up :) And I love the pic of his with his easter puppy-- he looks so happy!!

  4. Adorable! My kids had like 10,000 egg hunts yesterday. They never get tired of it!