Friday, February 12, 2010

Tim, Oh how I LOVE thee......

Ok....for those of you who REALLY know me....then you KNOW I am a DIE-HARD Tim McGraw fan!!! Have been for years! I went and saw him back in 1993 before he was even "Tim McGraw." Know what I mean?
Well, the time has come.......Tim is coming back to town! Oh yeah!! And guess who got an email for the pre-sale tickets? Oh yeah!!! And guess who is going? OH YEAH!!! AND GUESS WHO IS SITTING ON THE FREAKING FLOOR?!!?!?!??!

I can't handle all this excitement!!!! I just want to scream like a little girl!
Be looking for me Tim.........I will be the one acting TOTALLY hysterically! :) Love ya!


  1. Omagosh!! Lucky! I love concerts, love LOVE. I'm going to a good one in May and I could pee myself!

  2. love me some Tim McGraw. I am totally jealous

  3. Oh, how awesome. I saw Tim a long time ago!! It was so fun. He is one hot fella!!! Have fun!!

  4. How exciting! I love Tim McGraw too!

  5. Be careful you dont grab him or his wifey will come after ya

  6. woo hoo
    my brother got tickets as well