Monday, August 17, 2009

So, we have a new friend...

Anyone recognize this dog? Does it belong to you? If so PLEASE let me know.....
Saturday morning as Cory and I got ready to leave for the lake, we noticed Sadie (the black dog) standing in front of her house, then noticed this little dog HIDING inside Sadie's house. It's like she has a new roommate she is hiding from us.
Cory told Said "you better make sure your friend is gone by the time we get back home!"
Got home from the lake on Sunday, guess what!??!? Sadie's little friend is STILL there. This dog is small enough she can climb through the square panels to get inside Sadie's pen!
So what now?! Do we keep her? Do we let her stay? They OBVIOUSLY get along really well.
Coby has already decided he wants to name her Zoe!
We do NOT need another dog!!!!!
What sort of a mess are we in THIS time.............


  1. you know you are already in love with her and want to keep her forever.

  2. Oh geez, she really is cute!
    Maybe you could check and see if she has a micro chip, and check the ads and if nobody claims her, than it's meant to be! :)