Monday, August 10, 2009

Keith Urban update.....

Update on our Keith Urban concert..This is when Sugarland joined Keith on the stage to sing "Your the reason God made Oklahoma." They did an AWESOME job!
Keith got soooo close to us - it was awesome! During the show he got off the stage (with security of course) and walked to the OTHER end of the floor and got up on this small stage and said "who's go the best seats in the house now?" He stood on that small stage and sang a few songs - it was WONDERFUL! We KNOW he looked DIRECTLY at us (Riann and I) and winked at us!!! LOL! (Shhh....let us dream - don't tell us otherwise!) LOL! Then he walked back to the main stage with all the women grabbing him, etc.!

HOOOCCCHHHAAA MOOMMMMAAA!!!! HOLY COW! I got NOTHIN to say about this pic.......

Sugarland....Isn't Jennifer cute? Christian on the other hand....let me put it this way.....he was wearing blue and green plaid pants! I couldn't see past that!

Riann and I - had to stop and take a picture with Keith! Wasn't that just the sweetest thing? So, he decided to play a song for us. He asked us if we could go on the road with him - but we had to break the news to him that it just was NOT possible! LOL! I CRACK ME UP!!!! I'm SOOOO funny!


  1. Keith ACTUALLY stopped you and Riann and said "PLEEEAASSSEEE take a picture with me you fine ladies!"

  2. LOL...that last pic and comment is so funny...loved the pics looks like you had a FAB time

  3. I can NOT believe he asked you all to go on tour with him. He's cheatin' on me again. Again! I tell ya...good thing he lives down under and has such a cute accent or I'd have to whoop up on him again. ;)

  4. LOL! You crack me up too. Sounds like yall had a great time. Keith looks hot in those pics.

    Have a great week!

  5. I am so glad you came to my blog!!! I am a total girlie girl, but love the outdoors, and my hubby is a BIG time hunter!!! I haven't gone hunting much because well...too many little kids, but look forward to it in the future more! I LOVE the camo rings, now I have to go look at that sight!

    What an awesome concert, and ya know, Keith isn't bad to look at!!!:-)

    Can't wait to read more about you!!!

  6. O.K. love the rings!!! Funny, I am in the process of converting our living room too! We have too many "trophey" decorations in the bedroom, so it's spreading out. I think it's great! Had to leave another comment!:-)

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