Thursday, August 20, 2009


No, Coby did not start school today (thank god!) I don't think I would have been able to bear that burden today.
But he was looking TOO cute to NOT take his picture! Right?

Hunter - starting middle school! In his "rock on" mode! My heart is breaking for him right now, starting middle school, AND in a new town. He doesn't know ANY of the kids! I wish I could follow him around all day and help him out. However - I'm sure he WOULD NOT want me to do that! In fact when I was dropping him off this morning he said "no hugs at school, ok mom?" That's when I started tearing up!

Here is my big freshman! I can not believe that I have one in High School this year. It seems like I was in high school like 5 years ago. Anyway - I'm very proud of him and pray that he makes all the right decisions! High school years are SO hard!

And yes, mom was taking it VERY hard after dropping them off. It just shows me how much they are BOTH growing up!


  1. you look so sad. poor pouty baby.

  2. Oh My heart breaks for you!! I cried when my two went this week, and when my 5 year old goes to Kindergarten next week....that will not be a pretty sight!! Why do they grow so fast?!:-)

  3. Wow! I am not looking forward to when Ethan starts school. Lucky for me his birthday is October, so he'll be almost 6, which means I have about 5 years.

  4. Handsome men, momma! BTW, I went to the library and got 3 books by Beverly Lewis....about Amish! :)Woo hoo!

  5. Oh yes, they are growing up. Lots of new experiences coming into you life with a kid in HS. Enjoy them now, they grow up so fast.

  6. I just wrote on one mom's blog that I would probably cry when Lucas starts school. After reading yours, I know for sure I will ;-) I have lots of catching up to do so bear with me LOL