Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My boys.....

This past Saturday we helped some friends of ours move out to "the farm." Yeah, the farm is WAY out there! HOWEVER there is LOT's of land around and not many nieghbors! My kind of living....Anyhow - this is a picture of Coby playing on their tractor! Too stinking cute!
Then Hunter.....on the phone.....with Morgan! Let me enlighten you a little bit here....Hunter is in the 6th grade.....Morgan is his FIRST girlfriend! I know MORE about Morgan right now than I EVER wanted to know! Does he talk to me about school? No - he talks about Morgan. Does he talk to me about his friends? No - he talks about Morgan. When I ask him to clean his room - somehow MORGAN's name comes in the conversation! REALLY!?!?!? I thought only girls were "boy crazy!" Did NOT know boys got "girl crazy!"


  1. you should totally use the "morgan" thing to advantage. like i bet morgan hates boys with dirty rooms. or morgan hates slackers that don't do their homework. or morgan would love you MORE if you wore that shirt. lol.

  2. Oh boy, so young and already girl crazy!
    Coby looks so cute up there, your right.

  3. Oh, that sounds fun. Cute. And annoying.

    Both of your boys are cuties!

  4. Was it an AMISH farm?!
    Just kiddin'.
    How cute, girl crazy boys. I can't wait! NOT.

  5. ahhhh!! im not ready for the girlfriend thing... walk mr through when its my time my dear friend..