Friday, May 22, 2009

Yea! The difference a day can make!

Look at this....Coby SWIMMING underwater!
Teacher helping him float.....

Pretty happy with himself.......

I am SO proud of him....

Swimming to his teacher....
Now - to all my mommy friends out there "considering" putting their toddler in swim lessons. I HIGHLY recommend it! The first night one of the instructors came in and talked to the parents as all the kiddo's were swimming. She informed us there would be nights that our children would say "i don't want to go to swim lessons tonight." But to keep encouraging them, about how their teacher (and use their teacher by name)would miss them and talk about how GREAT they are doing and how far they've came, etc. Really pump it up for them! Well, it seemed to do the trick for Coby.
We are a water family. Swimming all summer, in the pool, at the lake. It is very important to me that Coby knows how to swim.
I'm so excited and already looking into continued swim lessons. You can never teach them TOO much!


  1. Great job - Coby and great job Mom for making...I mean encouraging him to go back.

  2. Yeah Coby! In my opinion, there is nothing like knowing how to swim and being able to enjoy the water!